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Vegetarian T-Shirt
Personifying edible roots kind of negates the herbivorous lifestyle.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

dks64 wrote
@ tigolebitties - Yet I bet you don't think the pro-meat shirts make someone a dick, am I right?

Nikolai wrote
Im going to go into public with this shirt on and walk around with a bucket of KFC.

Nom nom wrote
I eat meat. I'm buying this for the sake of comedic irony.

. wrote
I'd buy it if it said vegan. As I find dairy/eggs as bad as meat, I wouldn't wear this.

tigolebitties wrote
I wish they only had this shirt with the vegetables, advertising you are a vegetarian makes ya seem like a dick

Claire Thalken wrote
Why in the hell are the vegtables happy? They should be quaking in fear with bits chopped off of them.

Pissed off Vegan wrote
Lawlren I'm going to buy this and enjoy all the meats i can eat, just for you!

Rod wrote
Well.. though i'm vegan I only really want this shirt because i'm better than you. is the material organic??

That Guy wrote
I want this shirt just so I can infiltrate in their society then casually start eating meat in front of them.

Andrew wrote
Is there a vegan shirt?

yeah? wrote
Hey Lawlren, calm the fuck down and remember to read posts before sticking them up your ass. Oh sorry, maybe you just don't understand what the word random means.

Dante wrote
Yeah, I\'m a vegan. It\'s a great shirt. :)

Lawlren wrote
If you're not a vegetarian, why the hell did you buy this shirt or want this shirt? I'm a vegetarian, and really only vegetarians and vegans should be allowed to wear these shirts. Otherwise, you're a liar. (Not trolling)

Philomena Popp (Philomenapopp@yahoo.com) wrote
Got this shirt, love it, everyoen thinks its cute =)

yabadaba wrote
I guarantee if i buy this shirt people will constantly ask me if im a vegetarian. that will not be pants.

Random User wrote
I love eating meat and I just got this as a random shirt. Is this a sign?

Andrew wrote
This makes me happy!

K wrote
Looks great :) I might buy this shirt

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