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CCCP T-Shirt
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics....tomayto, tomahto.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Mike Serebryannikov wrote
Hi! i'm from Russia. my name is MIKHAIL.
If you send me this shirt for free, i make a photo with it in front of whe KREMLIN WALLS!
Tovaristch Mikhail!
PS i'm not kiddin, i'm really from Russia and i can do photo with this shirt in Kremlin)

OrangeBomber wrote
It's a BA tshirt. Stupid trolls. Let's have a political debate on a product review post...huh?

Lin_Stark wrote
Oh jeez, people, u r so hilarious when r trying to discuss things u have no clue about. I'm from Russia. And it seems so lame for me when u think that modern Russia is the same thing as the USSR. And even in the USSR times everything was not that bad as u say.

Commie Shrinkage wrote
Bought this shirt, wore it once, washed and dried as directed, and it shrunk almost 2 full sizes. /LAME/

In this thread wrote

Willy wrote
I love the irony in this#

Lithuanian guy wrote
Communism as an idea is great. "Justice and supply of goods for all by the need and abilities to process (as in raw matterials for industrial production)". But power corrupts. In real life it is as corrupt and exploiting as your beloved capitalism in the third world. You know, those guys who make these prices possible lol

nousername wrote
Hate Russia and all soviets!

the funder wrote
its only a t shit man just chill, i wear mine idgaf if people have anything to say

Ethan Begley wrote
I recently bought this shirt along with a few others. It looks great, especially when combined with my soviet ushanka. The hammer and sickle badge on my hat go together well with this shirt. I love how it also says CCCP, that adds to the uniqueness. Buy it tovarishch!

Bassem Akel wrote
can't wait to get get this shirt in the mail. I am starting my history major this fall, and my main focus is going to be 20th century Europe and America. Mainly the former soviet union. I always imagined the hammer and harvesting tool meant that if you put forth and build, you will reap the rewards of hard work.

DonkeySchlong wrote
I'm going to propose this shirt to my boss as a replacement for our current uniforms.

Atheist Commie wrote
I have no interest in this shirt I already have a Karl Marx shirt but the arguments over politics here are pretty pathetic. I am sure all these people arguing against communism are butthurt libertarians. They somehow see a need to rudely argue anyone they don\'t agree with.

Arf wrote
lol Arguing politics on a t-shirt website. You guys need to get out more. Hilarious.

Logic wrote
This is probably just an ironic/satirical shirt. You can cut the pseudo-intellectualism, guys.
--I bought this just to annoy people, and I'm sure that's why most people are buying it. Plus, it's a well hidden double entendre.

Liberty Prime wrote
Communism is a lie.

redninja wrote
I support thirdworldcommie's statement, you guys don't know a damn thing about Communism. Your pitifully corrupt democracies have all blinded you to the true path.

Blank wrote
@Mtex, might want to review our WWII records... Just saying that we've already proven that they would probably find a place here sadly. That and isn't this clearly a joke-style shirt site? Why are we not taking this as a joke as intended and clearly made as such?

Mtex wrote
Regardless of your views on just socio-economic structures, the Soviet Union deserves no support. The govenment of that sad, misled country killed millions of innocent people and stripped most others of their human rights. Left, right, or center, I think we can all agree that sending people to work camps is horrible. If you think that innocent people should be sent to work camps for "posing a threat" to the government (being a professor, law enforcement official, family member of aforementioned people, etc), America probably isn't the place for you.

Shelby Hall wrote
To ThirdWorldCommie:
I would tell you to pull your head out of your ass, but it appears that you like it there just fine. Since you have no idea what's going on in the US with the "hippies" (who are not anarchists), the liberals (who don't favor CNN by a long shot), or the conservatives, please do us all a favor and stop making your fellow Communists look bad.

ThirdWorldCommie wrote
LOL these comments are hilarious. Western educated by parroted propaganda. They all probably couldn't tell me what comfort women are, what the Rape of Nanking is, any actual details of the Bolshevik revolution, the Tsarists class that ruled Russia before the revolution, or anything related to the Cultural Revolution. You idealist pigs, please educate yourself and stop living on the backs of workers. Communism isn't flawed by authoritarianism, revisionism is.
To Anarchists : Take a bath, hippies.
To Liberals : Get your neo-con brains out of CNN, propaganda parrots.
To Conservatives: See you at the wall.

Why is everyone so dumb? wrote
Sure, the idea on communism is great, but it will NEVER work. You know why? Because people suck. They have always sucked and they will always suck. There are too many greedy, self-serving bastards out there that would screw over their own mother if it gets them what they want, be it money or power... And to the people who want to compare communism or the nazis to \"the right\", you should understand the origins of left vs. right. In Parliament, where you sat represented who you believed should have power. \"The left\" wanted complete control to the king, and \"the right\", control to the people. None of the politicians in modern America are actually \"right\", they\'re varying degrees of \"left\". Like the Nazis, they want control taken from the people.

Duuhhhh wrote
LOL, Love this shirt, very strong graphic, great ironic joke, obviously not meant as serious support for old Soviet era communism, but now I'm afraid if I bought it and wore it anywhere some belligerent $h!thead would beat me up over it.

Wonder if I could wear it next time I'm in China?

Communist Troublemaker wrote
Hey "ME!! wrote" i fuck your mother

Doublejeebus wrote
Warning: If you wear this shirt, everyone of the generation above you who is mildly conservative WILL denounce you.

ME!! wrote
Hey, "We need Neo-Marxism", you're an idiot.

If it was SO great over there, why didn't you move there? Why did so many people try to escape from there?

Capitalism is a system of opportunity for EVERYONE. Communism shackles everyone and prevents growth. The only people who suffer in Capitalism are those who don't take the initiative and make something of themselves. "Wha, wha, wha! I'm a victim!" Yeah...a victim of your own self pity and jealousy. Get out there and make something of yourself instead of thinking everyone who's successful owes you a living, you lazy a$$.

stujanina wrote
i just had to stop back to see more funni comments. I think i will order ALL the soviet shirts and wear them when i go to Russia for the upcoming Olympics,2014. Yes, i think Putin will like that : )

Benjamin Dover wrote
Get one. People will just think you're an Obama supporter.

rahir wrote
mi ta un bon gai

Joe wrote
Jeez...it's just a shirt. It's not a swastika and besides it is cool.

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