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Czech Yourself T-Shirt
You best Czech yo'self before you Slavic yo'self.

Please note, clearance tees cannot go towards the 10 for $50 discount deal.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

You wrote
Hey guys, im Hungary

kim wrote
I'm Czech (bohemian) and I love Ice Cube, I want this shirt so so bad.

Austin S. wrote
Actually I believe Ice Cube's song used a sample of an earlier song, the chorus of which was: "chigety-check yourself before you wreck yourself". Though i may be wrong...

Maria wrote
LOL @right this is most definitely NOT a joke about the firearm company. Czech sounds like check so it's a little joke..it has nothing at all to do with CZ firearms. idiot. My czech parents thought this shirt was so funny though! :-)

supa og wrote
its a pun from an old ice cube song. "you better check yo self, before you wreck yo self, cuz im bad for your health".... "Check Yo Self" was from Ice Cube's third solo album The Predator (1993)

frank wrote
in the enlarged pics (below) the red is 2 different colors. Which red is the actual color (for guys).


vlasta wrote
I need this. It will go wonderfully with my "Prague: Czech it out!" shirt. :)

Míša wrote
LOVE IT!!!! do they have it in some girlish color???

theadder wrote
Are you people retarded? "Check yourself before your wreck yourself" are lyrics from an Ice Cube song. The only pun is on the word "check" and "czech" being pronounced the same. WTF are you on about talking about a firearm company?! God damn kids who don't know their music except for Justin Bieber. Jesus.

Rachel wrote
The saying from a movie with Zach Galifianakis. The only pun is on the word \"Czech\".

Jindra (czech chick) wrote
ha ha ha ! mint ! : D thanx CAL ! x

@CJH wrote
You I guess are kidding.I was trying to say that most people are not going to get the whole CZ firearm thing obviously most people are going to get the geographical pun.Very few people will get the CZ firearm pun idea the guy suggested.CZ was in reference the firearm company not the nation.

CJH wrote
@ Right - oh my god, you're kidding right? If you don't know basic geography then I'd agree with you, but this pun is dead easy to get. More people won't know that CZ is a firearm company, esp outside your country.

Eric O (erico_sceptile12@hotmail.com) wrote
love it, my czech parents will lol

bethany wrote

Andrew wrote
This is perfect; me and my Model U.N. partner are wearing this to the conference since we are representing the Czech.

right wrote
I don't think very many people would get the relation between Czech and CZ obviously CZ is a Czech firearm company but not very many people are going to know this fact so your pun will blow right over about 90% of peoples heads.I own a CZ 97B by the way CZ handguns are well made.

i got this as a random wrote
i got mine in orange...it was a random tee but i really don't get it..orlike it either

This, this is the perfect shirt when I'm carrying my piece. It's a CZ variant.

kinley wrote
actually this is a shout out to post WWI Germany! you know when they just took Czech. and said hey this was always ours!
Czech republic haha!

Scully wrote
Lulz botdf


oh my god blah blah blah

Nick wrote
Ohmygod, blahblahblah.


Joe Patterson (userjc247746@gmail.com) wrote
I am Czech, this is PERFECT!

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