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Tap The Spinal Skeleton T-Shirt
With a shirt this metal, who needs x-rays?

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Ross Miller wrote
Hi, is the transfers on the t-shirts heavy i.e. can you feel the print when wearing it? Or is it "into" the material.

Spanky Butterswitch wrote
Buy a size larger than you usually wear. They're 100% cotton and not preshrunk.

Derek Smalls wrote
Shark sandwich= Shit sandwich.

Johan wrote
First, to rizzo, I'm a drummer. lol

Second, how bright is the green and does it cover the whole shirt for men like the picture shows for women?

Nigel Tufnel wrote
Is it available sleeveless?

Australians Nightmare wrote
Any thoughts on sizing? Do they run big/small?

skrillstep wrote
cool shirt bro

gotiis wrote
even tho the green is not as bright as the pic, still gotta be a killer t for spinal fans.

I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I werent under such heavy sedation.

Bobbi Fleckman wrote
If you think the skeleton should be any color other than green, you don't get it. It must be black and you must cut the sleeves off too.

It *is* green! You know, see, see how your blood looks blue?

Cthulhu wrote
As others have mentioned, this shirt is not as bright as the picture shows. Not bad for $6 though. I would buy it again if they released a glow in the dark version.

Rizzo wrote
Band seeking drummer!!!

derek smalls wrote
you cant really dust for vomit

Silvia Olson wrote
Can you print the green in red instead? Please let me know. I really like these t-shirts. Thanks,

Gaby Olson

Nic wrote
The skeleton graphic definitely NOT NEON GREEN on the actual shirt as it is in the photos here. Not at all. Keep that in mind when ordering. For 6 bucks though, it's not a big loss.

Sir Dennis wrote

e. hizzle wrote
the green is not as bright as pictures, its more like the kelly green if you have bought these guys shirts in that color. still looks great, just saying.

Stonehenge wrote
This is a Spinal Tap reference, not a Donnie Darko reference. (And the skeleton outfit in Donnie Darko was actually a nod to The Karate Kid.)

Derp! wrote
Hey just bought this shirt in red.~desu The silk screen skeleton is not so much a lime color as it is a dark green.~desu Looks pretty decent I must say. ~desu

kYLE wrote
We're up there on stage with armadillos in our pants and its frigtening

Matt wrote
What color should i buy this in

Sheilah Behrens wrote
This is NOT neon green like it shows, it's more of a true green or kelly green. Keep that in mind when ordering, I went with a black shirt expecting what the picture shows and was pretty disappointed.

selym wrote
that the shirt from spinal tap

tyler dennis (flipflopbackfull@aol.com) wrote
why do you wear that stupid rabbit shirt?

Adrian Ramirez (LinkTGF@yahoo.com) wrote
Does this shirt also go up to 11?

Michael Reynolds (project.twenty7@gmail.com) wrote
I bought this design with a kelly green shirt instead of the usual black. It came out rather nice actually, somewhat subdued but just as easily visible.

Justin Anderson (jandersn98@yahoo.com) wrote
need this one without sleeves for the full Nigel Tufnel experience - i'll just cut em off though

Katy-cakes wrote
Guess whos gonna get an A+ class

Alyssa4love wrote
im buying this shirt in like 6 days
its actually for school so i cant wear it untill septemeber
but i still am excited

Jon wrote
Hey, this shirt is really cool! I would get it. This is my type of shirt, I'm emo,

Nigel Tufnel wrote
I dunno, I sleep in it sometimes...

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