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Power On T-Shirt
You'll definitely be turned on in this tech tee.

Please note, clearance tees cannot go towards the 10 for $50 discount deal.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

Mike wrote
I love these shirts they are amazing!! I suggest these clothes for anyone who wants them!!!

the duke wrote
Nice asian model at bottom of the page turning me on.

TooManyVideoGamesSoHeresAGenericName wrote
This is the universal "power on" symbol you noobs.

xboxpwnedme wrote
to all who keep saying this shirt should be green for the xbox,,, you are in fact incorrect, to represent the power symbol of an xbox 360 it would need to be red and flashing

Rachel wrote
I love this shirt for so many reasons LOL

Scott McArthur (scott@antbytes.com) wrote
Just got this shirt. Wore it once and my wife stole it because it is so cool.

.... wrote
This is the on/off button on macs/monitors/pc's/tv's/etc....not just the xbox 360 ...

Wreybies wrote
This symbol is also the on/off button on Macs.

Power *cencored* wrote
My parents say this shirt tells my only setting, ON!!!!!1

rissa wrote
if you ask if its the on/off button for a xbox 360 you obv. don't own one.

ick wrote
this is tattooed on my wrist, ha

don't need to know wrote
then he put it in sophies butt

sophie wrote
my friend had this shirt and i kept pressing where the on button was and saying look he's getting turned on XD

Byron wrote
She's like dat new Ipod, just touch it and turn her on....

yo. wrote
shut up, arch.

it's a shirt. a SIX DOLLAR shirt.
at least they're not all making the stupid xbox comment...

Mike wrote
It is the power off button for the PS3

hahahaha wrote
i got the power!

Michael Reynolds (project.twenty7@gmail.com) wrote
"This is my Shirt....of....POWER!!!" *thunder*

plunger wrote
is an xbox worse than a brand new one?
I'm thinking like smellier and more worn out?

anon wrote
it's not ment for xbox, its for PC power!

arch stanton wrote
i hope you all realize this is the "standby" symbol, and that "on" is just a straight line, and "on/off" is a complete circle around the line...

Hedson Espinoza (ed_646@yahoo.com) wrote
its suppsoed to be GREEN!!! for the 360!!!

TCC wrote

Shannon Wahl (cheesenipqueen@hotmail.com) wrote
Wow really. They are even on computer monitors and towers... and you don't even know what it's from..tsk tsk

Chey Youngblood FAIL! wrote
Bunny hopping Halo noobs.

Master Shake wrote
Alright Dayun

Lauren Stark wrote
I'm VERY pleased with my shirts! Good quality shirts that feel very comfortable!

paperjawa wrote
n00b. =\

Kyle wrote
This has been used as a power on/off symbol long before the 360, young 'un.

Chey Youngblood wrote
um.... shouldn't it be green for the 360?

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