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What Others Are Saying

HAvoc wrote
MFer's I Just wanted a "Standin' at the Window like Malcolm"Shirt!!!

Lovely Girl wrote
Islam does not dehumanize women at all. Peter Paul and Stephanie you misspelled dehumanize. Please use spell-check. That is an easy tactic to say something negative about the religion. Educated people know there is a difference between culture and religion. Women were considered dirty, and even demonic by the English church, and during the Middle Ages they used the bible to justify this. Women were treated better in Muslim territories than they were in Europe throughout history, including the Middle, Medieval, and Dark Ages. When Europeans conquered Muslim territories they learned about romance, the art of poetry, and swaying a woman with flowers and love letters, from the Muslims. They took it back to Europe, especially France and England and used it. Due to economical distress and lack of education many Muslim countries tend to slip back into this Medieval thinking towards women. However it is, it can never be as degrading as how women were treated in Europe before the rights they are privileged to today. Instead of criticizing, be grateful.

Javier wrote
Had to point out that Muslims don't dehumanize woman, that's a cultural thing... depends on the country.

Peter Paul and Stephanie wrote
OK So he wasnt racist.

But he was a muslim, a religion that dehumanises women.
Thats worse in my book.

Before converting to islam, think of your momma who raised you.

loadohwank wrote
look out urkel! there is a train behind you.

shirt dood wrote
man so i was lookin at this shirt right and i thought about all the political arguments i could make about this shirt and then i was like whatever malcom gots a skinny tie and thats all that matters

Paige wrote
Im a 18 year old white girl and im wearing this shirt now.

Stole your Bike wrote
W.E.B. Daboyz all da way!

c. g. b. spender wrote
actual design was yellow instead of white when i got it im washing all my shirts now to see if that changes it

KB wrote
Atleast it isn't Che Guevara, amirite?

Sasha wrote
I have more far respect for brother Malik Al Hajji Shabazz than for MLK and definitely Barack Obama who I think sold us out. But we wear that shirt and forget his more relevant yet less popular message-DO FOR SELF!

terrel wrote
i love white people

K3ep_1t_co0l wrote
Well said, man. That's pretty much the whole gist of Malcolm right there.

Chris wrote
For those of you who think Malcolm was a terrorist, and a psychopathic killer, he wasn't. The reason he joined Nation of Islam was because it turned his life around for the better. He sold drugs and lived a sad life going no where until he was imprisoned, where he became more literate and found Nation of Islam. You would teach the preachings that saved your life if you got the chance too. It took a while but he realized they were wrong, and he did preach much better things after.

Tevin T wrote
I'm white and I'll wear this. I just think it's a bad-ass shirt.

Lulz wrote
LOL, from the smaller pic the first thing I thought was that it was Steve Urkel's head on some hitman body

Hahaha wrote
I don't know about yall but I personally want one of Bush smoking a joint on his front porch in a rocking chair holding a shot gun while simultaneously dodging flying shoes....that's how we get our "by all means necessary" on here in the REAL New Mexico we call Texas!!! Yeee haw!!! Hahahahaha

Honey wrote
"Now in speaking like this, it doesn't mean that we're anti-white, but it does mean we're anti-exploitation, we're anti-degradation, we're anti-oppression." ballot or bullet speech, if youre anti exploitation, anti degradation or anit oppression of ANY people,you oughtta wear it.

Stig wrote
How could it not be okay for white people to wear this? After Malcolm moved away from N.O.I., he said how deeply he regretted not letting white people help and how wrong it was.

So yes, based on what he himself said closing in on his last days, it would be perfectly okay.

Whitey wrote
I wore this to my school and a black person smashed my face in

DS3M wrote
If Malcolm X was a "terrorist" then MLK was a plant by the man to encourage a non-violent submission to the powers that be. And they be bogus.

Peter wrote
Brother Malcom was killed by the nation of islam for converting to traditional islam. In this photo he is protecting himself from his former brothers.

judge the present, not past wrote
Malik Shabaz did have various views on white people at first. but before he died it is well known that he was NOT racist in any way. this was due to the Islamic pilgramige he made and saw believers of all colors. thats what drove him to the orthodox islam. if your an illiterate and dont want to read about him watch the movie as the dude above says.

shirt looks dope, imma buy it and wear it.
im a brown guy

LIAH wrote

BloodNBones wrote
This NTIRE panel is bonkerz - save tha few dat give tha history of Brother Malcolm. He wuz against oppression - oppression is not ethnic, it's national!!!

QDiddy wrote
Jeez PEOPLE! Malcolm Little was given a "X" after his name by Elijah Muhammad when he converted from christianity to The Nation. The "X" took the place of what muslims back then referred to as the slavemasters last name. A name not self-chosen. Malcolm was obviously NOT a terrorist. Who did he terrorize? Kill? Hurt? If you or your family was receiving death threats CONSTANTLY, had your house firebombed while kids were inside, etc...what would you do? Remember this is the 60's...


A Murderer wrote
hells yeah he wanted cops dead, fought against everyone. an wanted power to the non copz. hells yeah i want one.

Jehova's Witness wrote
*knock knock knock* ..."hello sir, could I speak to you about the second coming of Jesus Christ and leave you a copy of the Watchtower magazine?" *BLAM BLAM BLAM*

College student wrote
What I wonder is why these people on here bash so much on each other...
It Seems to me that alot of these people have the what is called "Internet tuff guy" Syndrome


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