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Japan T-Shirt
A design with the kyokujitsu-ki and handwritten kanji. Design by gnomishcreations.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Anonymous wrote
Let loose your inner weeaboo!

Hutto wrote
The writing is Chinese. Confirmed by a Japanese person.

thx1134 wrote
respect the flag, you die yankee dog

Know before you speak. wrote
To the people saying the design is offensive, the flag dates from the Edo period (somewhere between the 1600s to 1860s) where it was a symbol of good fortune. The sixteen beam version is CURRENTLY the identifying flag of flown by ships of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, with the eight beam variant is used by Ground Self-Defense Force (in WWII the army used a CENTERED sixteen beam flag and the Navy used the off center version).

It is really only considered offensive in countries with a strong anti-Japanese sentiment (mostly China and Korea and anywhere that Japan occupied during the war). In the Americas or Europe, it\'s just a flag. A flag that is currently used. It\'s basically a variant of the regular sun flag of japan (red disc, white background, no sunbeams).

So if you\'re visiting Korea or China, don\'t pack this shirt (and if you live there don\'t buy it). Otherwise, it\'s just a Japanese flag. The swastika was rotated 45 degrees and appropriated for Nazi symbolism and their racial purity agenda in the 1920s. The kyokujitsu-ki has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries and is even used commercially in graphic design in Japan.

Having it on the military flag while invading other countries may have made it offensive in those countries, but elsewhere it\'s just a flag.

Doc wrote
Ahavaz- Yea, maybe some Halliburton-KBR shirts?

nunya wrote
It looks like it could be Okami inspired too, the creator does a lot of gamer inspired things. When i first saw it i thought okami

Tipster wrote
Get the shirt in red and you won't have to worry about what it says. DUH.

T-shirt lover wrote
The quote from "Japan" is amazing considering he pulled those numbers directly out of his ass.

YES, this shirt is offensive to Koreans and Chinese. It has less to do with the world war 2 era so much as it has to do with asian on asian racism.

Unless you are 90 years old and currently walking around with a piece of Japanese schrapnel in your leg, you have nothing to complain about.

This is like wearing a Nazi shirt in front of the Jews to the Koreans and Chinese!

SONOFA... wrote
To all of my fellow 'Mericans, be forewarned; the kyokujitsu-ki is offensive to Koreans and Chinese, and is generally perceived as the Asian equivalent of a swastika.

Wish I had known this before I bought one! Oh well, it's been officially retired.

Angel Winklepleck wrote
I wish it covered the whole front of the shirt.

Jak wrote
The design is lovely, that I\'ve got nothing to say against that. Exept that I wore it only once and the red started wearing off, like quite easily... I wouldn\'t be suprised to see a blank shirt after a few wash. I\'m very sad about this, I loved the shirt...

Rizzeh wrote
Black looks awesome irl. The shirts don't seem to shrink much either.

Japan wrote
Classy, Japanese battle flag, looooove it. Also Hiroshima was a major wartime industrial center and less civilians lost their lives there then the fire bombing of tokyo. The entire island nation was armed and ordered to defend to the last CIVILIAN standing. Estimated casualties for US forces alone for an invasion of the Japanese home islands were in the millions. The United States is STILL issuing purple hearts from the batch made in anticipation of the invasion. So... what's worse? 250,000 lives? Or millions upon millions in what would have been the bloodiest fighting in the twentieth century? But at least that would have been in legitimate fighting. Have you ever wondered why China and a large amount of the pacific STILL hates the Japanese? The Nazis took lessons from the Japanese on brutality and opression, war time medical experiments, the rape of Nanking, the list of Japanese war crimes is a long one and many of those crimes went unpunished postwar for one political reason or another. Learning, you just got some.

bevlow wrote
Do these shirts shrink? Should I order up one size?

brandon wrote
yo what sizes are these boys or men?

waffle wrote
@Ahavaz, read a book man. In that case they should make one with an h-bomb covered in the US flag just before its about to be droped on innocents of hiroshima...

S. wrote
Ahavaz, you really are ignorant- the swastika sign is actually a symbol for deity Vishnu, pick up a book once in a while and stop being a dumbass

Icarus (sot_avelanche@hotmail.com wrote
What does this sayyy!! Someone link to the prayer.

Ahavaz wrote
Looks great. Maybe you can do some swastika ones, too. You could do a whole range based on flags associated with countries that committed memorable wartime atrocities.

neptunegirl wrote
Rocking shirt~ looks GREAT up close! A+

dingus wrote
"don't get kanji tatoos if you don't know what they say, and don't wear shirts with kanji if you don't know what it says..."

while I agree with this, have you seen some of the shirts the japanese wear that have english on them? haha lets hope they dont know what they say

holychurchfuck wrote
i work with a couple of japanese guys, the all said it was a japanese style prayer, so i think its legit

some motherfucker wrote
this is cool

bemushroomed wrote
don't get kanji tatoos if you don't know what they say, and don't wear shirts with kanji if you don't know what it says...

Scott McArthur (scott@antbytes.com) wrote
got this shirt and love it. I do wonder what it says though. Probaby something like "Stupid Americans will buy anything!" haha...

El Squinty wrote
Royal blue is like a headache fuck

Correction Whore wrote
A translation would be nice.

I\'d be rather embarrassed to find out that the shirt I\'m wearing says something like \"At night, I sit down with graph paper and devise new machines to spank my bare bottom and punish me for being such a bad boy when I\'m all alone.\"

Fish wrote
The black looks really badass but the symbols become hard to read. Quite the conundrum.

Beate Dahl (tttbat@online.no) wrote
awesome. Think I'm gonna buy this x)

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