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Hammer and Popsicle T-Shirt
Tired of your Marxist-based government? Designed by nbrosas.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

PATSYCurry wrote
I received my first mortgage loans when I was 32 and that supported my family very much. Nevertheless, I need the auto loan once again.

kristine wrote

friendo wrote
i bought the shirt. (i\'m actually wearing it right now) and i had to actually point out the hammer and the Popsicle. I still love this shirt. :D

... wrote
Ding Dong ?
rough hammer is the guy
popsicle is the girl
i suppose, yea

Jaleesa Jenkins (jaleesa.jenkins@yahooo.com) wrote
Thanks for the breakdown, Michael. After comparing the actual symbol to this one it's pretty funny! :)

cat feather wrote
I love this, but I am kind of disappointed that the Girls Tee only comes in a "deep red" and not just "red". but oh well, it's still pretty hot.

misterguy wrote
hammer and sickle, hammer and pop sickle pop sickle and pop sickle. Cheeese

Miss Kitten Poker wrote
lol micheal you rule!

im so buying this shirt to pwn all the noobs at my school who know nothing about history. and so me and my friends can crack up at this epic private smart joke. lol.

c wrote

Grace wrote
I bought this shirt, it fits perfect. The image looks good, but there's a shadow of it on the back of the shirt... Oh well.

Paired with my Russian officer hat, I was on a role in school. :) Too bad only teacher's got the joke, kids these days are history retarded.

M Dog wrote
Michael rules!

OCKerouac wrote
Effing brilliant... Good show...

Zach wrote
Saw it, wanted it, bought it. Marketing on puns??? Great shirt!

Nick Brosas (nbrosas@gmail.com) wrote
Thanks for all the love guys.

DH wrote
Thanks a lot Michael for explaining and not flaming!
I think I will get it. I wanna buy ten and I still need to get 2 more...

Charlie wrote
I just ordered one. This is my favorite shirt on the site. Good work, nbrosas.

Jimmy Hardwick wrote
Actually Robby has no clue to what he is talking about.Robby should be informed before adding a comment. Robby just got pwn3d.

Mr sockatoc wrote
i think this shirt is hilarious and look forward to many ignorant people asking me what it means

Michael Reynolds (project.twenty7@gmail.com) wrote
A good, humorous play on soviet symbolism. This design should appeal to a rather wide audience, including people on opposing ideological viewpoints.

Chiz wrote
Absolutely fantastic design. I shall be ordering it soon!

Mike wrote
There is no one symbol for communism. It was the symbol for the Soviet Union, as said.

robby "actually" eats dick wrote
michael, very well put.

Robby wrote
Actually that is the emblem of communism, Not of the soviet union.

Michael wrote
You don’t sound stupid, Tyler. The emblem of the Soviet Union (the political system that existed in Russia from 1917 to 1989) was the hammer crossed with a sickle. The hammer stood for industry while the sickle represented agriculture. This shirt employs, for the purpose of being ironic, what I suppose you would call a malapropism (switching a word around with a similar sounding work that has a completely different meaning). In this case “sickle”, the curved blade used for the harvesting of crops and “Popsicle”, a brand of frozen, sugary treats. I suppose this might also be considered a pun by some. Either way, very clever and humorous. I’d wear it.

Tyler Nicole wrote
I may sound stupid, but I don't get it.

Lorelei wrote
omg. I love it! It's hillarious!

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