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Jesus Lizard T-Shirt
Walking on water is so passé. Jesus riding a raptor is where it's at.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Elizabeth wrote
This Jesus dinosaur rider needs a gun a holster! It is not complete! get er done and I'll buy one!

marge wrote
How about McConnell and the rest of the republicans who would fade into wilderness just like the dinosaurs did. Would buy that

Mo Ham Head wrote
I would like to see Mohammed on dinosaur, my friend...make it happen!

Matt M wrote
Jesus wouldn't like that you charge women mor than men for their t-shirts. Talk about dinosaur!

Sir Gina wrote
those arabs killed my one friendly dinosaur by shooting a steaming hot pupusa right into into his lower sternum

kuvasz wrote
You'd think Jesus would not need a bridle.


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burlowl wrote
jesus rides bareback. that be funny.

colton wrote
The fact that it did not say VELOCIRAPTURE on it is a grave disappointment

Douche the Bag wrote
Sign me up for muhammed on a Raptor

Bob wrote
We don't know if Jesus rode a velociraptor. But he probably did!

JesusWasAFalseProphet wrote
HurrDurr I'm a Christian and I got mad at a shirt HurrDurr.

512austintexas wrote
(Replying to "Homework"): Your statement that \"believing a missing link that is yet to be discovered and which is the only actual proof evolution created man\" shows that you clearly know less than NOTHING about the actual theory of evolution. Before you embarrass yourself again, read Jerry Coyne\'s terrific book, \"Why Evolution is True\" OR Richard Dawkins\' equally wonderful book, \"The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution\". Either or both of these recent books will clearly explain Darwin\'s theory. Once you understand it, you will be in a position to state a worthwhile opinion, but until then, you\'re just ... ahem ... making a monkey of yourself.

gankstaswag wrote
Hey where's the baby? In Matt 21:7 Jeezus rode TWO raptors!

History is Hard wrote
Replying to Your Mom Said. Research on a subject does not mean looking up and reading the first thing you spot on wiki. Based on these and other facts, several scholars have argued that, even if the Annals themselves were genuine, the passage regarding Jesus was spurious. One of these authorities was Rev. Taylor, who suspected the passage to be a forgery because it too is not quoted by any of the Christian fathers, including Tertullian, who read and quoted Tacitus extensively. Nor did Clement of Alexandria notice this passage in any of Tacitus's works, even though one of this Church father's main missions was to scour the works of Pagan writers in order to find validity for Christianity. As noted, the Church historian Eusebius, who likely forged the Testimonium Flavianum, does not relate this Tacitus passage in his abundant writings. Indeed, no mention is made of this passage in any known text prior to the 15th century

Michael wrote
Can you make the same shirt with Muhammad?

Mike wrote
Is this where you want to be?

hedgeman wrote
Wow MoBrooks, Rarely have I heard such clever prose. Trouble is, that little twinge you feel when you hit "add review" will be back someday, multiplied exponentially when you look up, see him and think, "oh,sh*t"....You might want to focus on folks who get Christianity right, instead of the self serving method of seeking out those who get it really wrong. I promise it will pay dividends immediately (and also eternally). Cheers.

Michael wrote
I hope dude meant like "Jesus the messiah never existed" because he was a real man that actually lived. The debate is whether he is the son of God. I seriously hope that's what he meant. I agree if so, but if he thinks that there was never a Israelite born to a woman named Mary that was named Jesus, he is a complete idiot.

Robin wrote
Dear sweet baby Jesus riding in on your baby armed Jesus horse.....

Chino wrote
Nice Jurassic Park reference by Anon E. Mouse, "Clever girl"

Fancy pants wrote
I got mine today and was annoyed the purple outline didn't come out this dark so my t- shirt doesn't really look like this at all :(

Are you serious wrote
People...it's a t-shirt! Lighten up. Find something constructive to do.

Dennis Glodzik wrote
"Christian wrote
Biblical literalism is killing Christianity." I laugh at people who talk like this of biblical literalism. I have three bibles in my house and they all lack the part that says "Thou shalt not taketh this stuff literally."
It has always seemed to me that religious folks decide what part of the Bible to take literally, and of stuff that is self-contradictory or makes no sense whatsoever, that say "Oh, that's from the Old Testament," or simply "Nobody believes that!" Seems like the bible should have a lot of asterisks.

Brian PawPaw Cox wrote
I am Old Testament, so this shirt cracks me the hell up...my wife looked over at me like wtf? Getting one...I was think Jim Morrison anyways...Lizard-King!!!

Your Mom Said wrote
"Wow, twisting your own perceptions to suit your beliefs much? Check your facts, Jesus was not recorded by notable historians..."

I find it funny that the people who usually say "check your facts" have failed to do so themselves.

The execution of Jesus by Pontius Pilate was recorded by one of the greatest Roman historians Cornelius Tacitus in his final work Annals (book 15, chapter 44). Modern scholars generally consider this an genuine and independent source of Roman history.

Whether that was the son of God is obviously up to debate and evolution is certainly scientific fact but don't tell people to check the facts you yourself are not aware of. Dumbass.

Mike wrote
And I thought it meant "Get Saved now! The Raptor is coming soon!"

Christian wrote
Biblical literalism is killing Christianity. To espouse scientific data only reinforces the existence of God, and does not diminish anything unless you do not understand that God is capable of using allegory and metaphor. To think that a creation myth from a nomadic people is literally true is not giving God the glory.

Paulie Paul wrote
NO ONE knows the real answers so let's stop these boring, pointless posts. You have all been brainwashed! Forget everything you were taught and start fresh with an open mind. Believe none of what you hear. Draw your own conclusions. Life is about unconditional LOVE so lets all fall in LOVE and we will get the answers.

Patrick wrote
Believing in Jesus a man actually recorded in history is way more intelligent than believing a missing link that is yet to be discovered and which is the only actual proof evolution created man.

Wow, twisting your own perceptions to suit your beliefs much? Check your facts, Jesus was not recorded by notable historians, and the "missing link" idea is nothing more than popular myth, the fossil record's succession from ape to human has been quite filled in for a while.

Barney wrote
Proof that Jesus loved his pet, Rex Ruthor!

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