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Jesus Lizard T-Shirt
Walking on water is so passé. Jesus riding a raptor is where it's at.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Paulie Paul wrote
NO ONE knows the real answers so let's stop these boring, pointless posts. You have all been brainwashed! Forget everything you were taught and start fresh with an open mind. Believe none of what you hear. Draw your own conclusions. Life is about unconditional LOVE so lets all fall in LOVE and we will get the answers.

Patrick wrote
Believing in Jesus a man actually recorded in history is way more intelligent than believing a missing link that is yet to be discovered and which is the only actual proof evolution created man.

Wow, twisting your own perceptions to suit your beliefs much? Check your facts, Jesus was not recorded by notable historians, and the "missing link" idea is nothing more than popular myth, the fossil record's succession from ape to human has been quite filled in for a while.

Barney wrote
Proof that Jesus loved his pet, Rex Ruthor!

homework wrote
Believing in Jesus a man actually recorded in history is way more intelligent than believing a missing link that is yet to be discovered and which is the only actual proof evolution created man. So all of you who say it's imaginary and brain washing. Has been brainwashed themselves because no where in history is it written that you have to follow God. But as a person who believes in the greater good of people and understand that conflict is involved with evil. Than I choose God over people that think they know everything which we can't even explain half the things in this earth but apparently we can explain afterlife like you've been there and back.... quite naive. For people to think they have the answers to everything through logic yet they're logic is flawed because they think they even understand logic. If these people actually understood logic they would see that the bible is completely logical. That said
This shirt is alright but Jesus break dancing is cooler.
P s just because the bible disagrees with most lifestyles doesn't mean it doesn't make sense it just means humanity has become selfish with pride

Koog wrote
I cant vouch, that Jesus did in fact rid a dino. His name was Teddy.

PS if you participate in witch craft, aka computers, cellphones, doctors, your damned to a fake hell that doesn't exist.

Chris wrote
Dinosaurs should be referred to as Jesus horses.......


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Oh My! wrote
I saw that shirt, and nearly fell out of my chair laughing!!!

What wrote
Man, know ye not that all will stand judgement? With every word,and every work. Therefore where is the fear of the lord? Belief and faith? Think...how long is eternal? P.S. People, god does not give babies aids,the consequences of our forefather\'s sins are handed down to us, its called a generational curse,that can be broken with faith through jesus christ, through his stripes we were healed.

JezebelBlue wrote
I love this t-shirt cause it makes me laugh.

@ Why: You have the right to believe and the right to be criticized for those beliefs. This is what freedom means. And, do not confuse your feeling of embarrassment when unable to provide viable proof of your belief with being persecuted. After all it is your choice and your freedom to stick with it no matter how silly.

Random Christian Dude wrote
I didn't know Jesus had a pet Velocoraptor......whats his name?

Love the Shirt

Rolee wrote
this depicts to me " intelligent design " God being the designer..science is of and from God.

CJ wrote
laugh it up now peeps..... cuz all the cool kids laugh at Christ! wink wink, nudge nudge.

ps...I looked around and oddly enough did not see any muslim/muhammad gear.... go figure.

Charlire wrote
This is heresy..... against Raptor Jesus

G wrote
I wore this today, it's perfect! I love it so much.

Darkness wrote
I believe the artist was referencing the theological debate of evolution vs. Divinity.

Nikki wrote
This Is so funny and cutie for a young girl to buy.

An alien wrote
What if you walked into church with this on?

lintelle wrote
they should make one with noah and his ark with all the usual animals and then a big brontosaurus towering over the whole thing...

MoBrooks wrote
Nice shirt. Jesus should have been holding Bertrum Russell's Celestral Teapot, chasing the flying spegetti monster. Lucky for us, the universe isn't ruled by the invsible homophobic monster Yahweh, and if it was, he's probably too busy giving AIDS to innocent babies in Africa to rule effectively. The wages of sin is death, but by the time they take out taxes, it's just a tired achey feeling.

BC not BCE wrote
This shirt could be a statement that creationism and evolution could both be valid. I like the idea of my Jesus riding a dinosaur. It's undeniably cooler than a donkey. Whatever your beliefs, that shirt's pretty cool and shouldn't offend anyone.

SGT wrote
Its website about a shirt I don't understand the anger in both sides of your argument. But come on its a fucking shirt If you don't like it or what you think it means don't buy it, I don't see how arguing about this will help in any of your arguments your such children.

Lynnbo wrote
I agree with Jose! oh yea. the raised by some logic dude can stay at my house when it all hits the fan. I want him to be around me when Jesus comes back. That way he can come to heaven with me and be my neighbor and I can tell him....I told you so! I am sure when my shirt comes it will be awesome. I really do wish it came on a black t-shirt though!

Anon. E Mouse wrote
Clever girl...

holyhandgrenadethrower wrote
Holy hand grenade batman, its true!

Let people post willy nilly on something religious and they will!!

I think everyone is loosing sight on how awesome of a play this shirt is

John the Baptist wrote
Cheesus Crust !

Pepe wrote
"The Jesus Lizard:" Anyone who grew up with 90s rock,aka Alternative or grunge would recognize the reference. David Yow would be proud.

That guy wrote
That shirt model is absolutely gorgeous. I can't get over it! Oh ya, the shirt's pretty cool too...

Dont like it then dont buy it. wrote
There are people dying in the world from many things and the vast majority of you are complaining about a $6 t-shirt on the INTERNET. Let that sink in and think about it. I believe you all have more important things to do than to complain about a silly t-shirt. Why complain when you have the simple, easy decision of not buying it? So don\'t buy it, and stop complaining then. Wow!! Problem solved!!!

dave wrote
The decal on this shirt arrived super faded. Good if you want a shirt that looks worn out when you get it.

ahhhhh wrote
I thought this was for the band the jesus lizard and was severely disappointed.

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