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Picture Me Rollin T-Shirt
They're always trying to catch Obama ridin' dirty, but he just says, "Man it feels good to be a gangsta."

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Available in multiple colors
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

Political Science Major Asshole wrote
I'm pretty sure everyone knows by comparison that Tupac was one of America's greatest presidents. His policies on running corners, pimping hoes, and selling rocks single-handedly brought America out of a recession and made it the great country it is today. Some people might call him a "socialist", but he just wanted to spread some hood love, yo.

Trollin' wrote
I love this shirt, That's what it is...JUST A FKN SHIRT. Come on ya'll.

Chanelle Duncan wrote
It's not even disrespectful to TUPAC.
Wow, just the bandana and Picture Me Rollin ... ???
Afew words and a style ??

agod wrote
hella gangsta cant wait to wear it lol

istayflossin wrote
thats disrespectful to tupac

shutupamanda wrote
it's just a shirt of obama resembling tupac it's supposed to be funny now everyone shut the hell up with your political bs

Disgruntled Dem wrote
Jessica- did you graduate high school? People born on military bases enjoy 100% of the benefits of American citizenship because a military base is AMERICAN TERRITORY (Yes, like Obama's Hawaii!!!). Not to mention the fact that the whole of the Panama Canal Zone was a United States Territory until 1979. His being a citizen had nothing to do with his father's military status but rather the fact that he is ACTUALLY AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.

It's ignorant people like you who are uneducated but act like know-it-alls who give the Democratic Party a bad image. If you're so concerned about the country, do us a favor and read about basic American policy before you open your mouth again. Congratulations on being just as stupid as the people who say Obama shouldn't have been able to run and thanks for nothing!

UGHH wrote
People are so incredibly ignorant, I want to blow off my head sometimes and lecture the entire nation.

Thorough research should be fcking done before people open their damn mouths-- in other words, you need to know WTF YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT before you speak. Even better, be informed on all aspects of the situation, not just some biased point of view.

I'm gonna wrap it up simply before I write an essay of rage-- but nearly everyone hated the shit out of FDR, and didn't agree with his new policies and the new government programs he created ( which were all very "socialist" in your ignant POVs). And in hindsight, he is one of our most cherished presidents BECAUSE of his ability to adopt policies that actually help the country, rather than just laying around. Obama has done NOTHING wrong and has only tried to pass legislation that would HELP US ALL.

We need to start at somepoint. Deficiet spending my ass. They aren't just charging a credit card into debt-- every expense is thoroughly planned to make sure that the return in the long run is not only equivalent, but more than the original investment.

Stop being so dramz.

alex. wrote
all of u need to read a fucking book. obama may not be the best president but he sure as shit isnt as bad as all u racists fucks think.
*fuck the police cause thats how i treat um*
tots magots buying this ish.

Jeff wrote
Socialist-couldn't of said it better

Jessica wrote
God you dumb hicks have it all backwards. Obama was born in Hawaii which is part of the United States since we took it from it's native people. The real non American born is John McCain. He was born at Coco Solo Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone. The only reason John McCain was able to run for President was because his father was in the Navy therefore being able to ignore the no President from out of country rule.

Bob Lob Law wrote
"bob" you are fucking retarded.

The "universal healthcare" shit is just lies that you hear on the news. If you actually FUCKING READ the legislation being passed you would realize all it does is give an option for those without healthcare insurance by subsidizing the cost. It does nothing to "socialize" healthcare because you still get to choose which shitty insurance company you want and you still get the same expensive as fuck "care".You just pay less if you can't afford it.

We already force everyone who is driving to have insurance for their precious vehicles, but as far as your actual health? Well you can just go fuck yourself because of corrupt health insurance companies that charge too much and never pay out* and make a KILLING doing it.

(*when the legislation that called for them to actually pay out at least 30% almost every insurance company immidiately raised premiums by, gues what? 30 FUCKING PERCENT. How is that not corrupt?)

I hope you fucking get a tumors so you can see how shitty your system is first hand. The amount of people that die or go in debt because they can't afford care is ridiculous when countries like Canada and Sweeden have PROVEN that a single payer system is good all around.

But you can't have that right?
You can't spare a fucking dime to help out your fellow countrymen?
You can't have your taxes rise a single cent no matter how many people it helps?
Your fine paying trillions for soldiers dying in a country that doesn't mean shit, but you can't support one THOUSANGTH of that to support the people right here within our borders?


dave wrote
socialism rocks. if that's your deal. i want ten miles 'tween me and my closest neighbor, and left the hell alone. the oklahoma panhandle is great

Michael wrote
Obama's a poser and a controller of the masses. Don't buy into his shit, he isnt as sick as you think he is.

I have no problem with race, Mccain was just as much of a dick. We just need some good people to run that will end wars and not fuck up our debt.

Marie wrote
Americans are so conservative! So far, Obama' s done a beautiful job, compared to alot of former American presidents. Socialism is awesome. Said by a girl from Dennnmark.

Obama wrote
Guys stop being so mean to me. I am doing the best I can. And now all these Republicans are elected so I can't pass shit in the House. It's fucking ridiculous. But when I come on this website I just want to relax and maybe buy a cute shirt for my wife Michelle. But then I see this? Come on guys, you're hurting my feelings. Oh, and all this "socialist" and "worst president ever" BS needs to stop. You guys are fucking idiots who need to take a damn history class. The worst president ever was George Washington!!! If he didn't exist none of this shit would have ever happened and we could just go back to being fucking farmers!!! I FUCKING LOVE TO FARM!!!!!!!!!!

johnnie with the big fucking gun wrote
worst president ever-comic book guy

bob wrote
Obama is a socialist. He is doing things that clearly show it like how he is trying to start universal health care and ban guns are just two examples. I mean seriously do you want to live where the government controls everything and you are defenseless from anything such as criminals or even the government its self
(hint: banning guns only affects law abiding citizens, criminals who by definition break the law will still have guns)

Ronny wrote
cryogenics is just about to bring back Ronald Regan!!! He can fix this mess!!!

socialist wrote
Calling Obama a socialist is equal to admitting you don't know a thing about politics.

max wrote
obama is half white, so stfu about first black president.

Independent wrote
Ohbama will go down in history as the first and worst black president, why didn't Colin Powell run, most black people are ignorant, and I can say that because I'm black.

AHAHA wrote

CalicoCat wrote
I like this shirt but would like the shirt 'vaporize: your lungs wil thank you' is referring to even better. Obama walks on water.
- on soap box - I agree 100% with Eh? and Really? For those of you who voted for Obama and are now disappointed in him, don't forget he said "WE can do it" and not "I can do it." - off soap box -

junqstuff wrote
h-Man? Isn't that Swahili for moron?
Don't care that Obama is as much black as he is white, I just don't want to a Socialist, nor fascist country where the Prez thinks he can fire CEOs whenever he wants. In one year added 3 trill to the debt/deficit.
That's how he rolls.

stopper wrote
Remove Obama by any means necessary!

Eh? wrote
Isn't it funny? Since he's been in office, everyone likes the U.S. government more except americans. Silly americans.

And he's accomplished so much. I don't understand..

ash wrote

"Racist idiot" wrote
@ H-man: I can't dislike someone because of their political views? Why does everything have to be about race? Go fuck yourself you ignorant fuck.

Ohbama wrote
This is straight up O.G
BTW Obama isn't from Kenya, You pathetic moron.

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