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Buy Me A Car Bomb T-Shirt
Just don't drink it too slowly, or you're in for a lumpy surprise!

Professionally printed silkscreen.
100% cotton tee (heathers poly-cotton).
Ships within 2 business days.
Designed and printed in the USA.

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What Others Are Saying

Arg wrote
Here let us post from Wikipedia: An Irish Car Bomb is an American beer cocktail that is drunk as a bomb shot, similar to a boilermaker. The "Irish" in the name refers to the drink's Irish ingredients; typically Guinness stout, Baileys Irish Cream, and Jameson Irish Whiskey. The "car bomb" refers to the fact that the drink is a "bomb shot" and also to the many car bombings that took place during the Troubles in Ireland. For this reason, the name is sometimes deemed offensive and some bartenders refuse to serve it. The drink is popular in the United States, but virtually unknown in Ireland, and ordering it there is likely to cause confusion or offense. Bloody Friday is why most Irish people find the drink offensive. http://dailynexus.com/2007-03-06/history-of-irish-car-bombs-isnt-something-to-drink-to/

Emily wrote
This would be like the irish naming a drink called 9/11

As a northern irish customer of your site i'm never buying anything from here again.

Irish j wrote
I would never wear this tshirt in Ireland, and I would not ask for this drink in Ireland. By the way it's not called Pattys day, it's paddy's day, paddy is short for Patrick, patty is not

superb wrote
Yeah dont wear this in Ireland if you want to keep your face looking nice and pretty. Yes Irish people are aware theres a drink in the states called that..... just dont wear the tshirt in Ireland if you value your face a friendly warning

Unicorn Meat wrote
I think half the people commenting are merely trolls. No one is that stupid to not know what the drink "Irish car bomb" is. "Unamerican as it gets?" What the f*ck planet are you from???

Kath wrote
Never ever wear this is in Ireland!

OtherName wrote
One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. And vice versa

apalled wrote
this is as unamerican as it gets

Jakob wrote
Wow, some of you guys should stick away from Irish shirts if you're not Irish and/or a drinker.

It's very obviously an Irish Car Bomb on the shirt.
It's a popular drink made by dropping a shot of Irish Cream mixed with Jameson into a pint of Guinness or other Irish dry stout.

And i'm buying a friend this shirt, seeing as he's always downing them at the pub.

wat wrote
i can barely see, i dont need glasses, needs to zoom in

Jay wrote
@kari- its a jager bomb? Did you forget to write the "jk" at the end of your post?

Andrea wrote
Obviously this is an Irish Car Bomb drink shirt! How can you make it through a St Patty's day and NOT have at least one? Come on, guys.

kari wrote
it's a jager bomb. exellent drink just that their hangovers are the worst. Red Bull energy drink and Jagermeister.

hafiz wrote
hardly fucker

Ant wrote
You guys are retarded.. Haha. How do you not know what an irish car bomb is!?!??!

Name wrote
The drink is named after methods used by the IRA, this shirt is referencing the shirt and not the terrorist group.

mickey wrote
i thought it meant like the IRA or other irish terrorist groups

Name wrote
It's a drink. A carbomb, or Irish carbomb, you drop a shot of half Irish cream (usually Baileys) and half Irish whiskey (usually Jameson) into a pint filled halfway with Guiness. Then you chug it down

... wrote
Could be a drink or something... it also sorta looks like dynamite.

Rosie wrote
Umm.. I don't get it?

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