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Pedobear T-Shirt
Avoid going within 300 feet of a Chuck E.Cheese in this shirt.

Please note, clearance tees cannot go towards the 10 for $50 discount deal.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

Sad :( wrote
I NEED THIS SHIRT and it's no long available.

Trish wrote

Logic wrote
Surprise Grandpa with this lovely shirt! /b/tards will chuckle as he's arrested!
Are those pesky cub scouts troubling you, trying to sell you chocolate? Well, here's the solution! Give them more than they bargained for!
Molestation has never been so adorable! And for $6, you can be the talk of the neighborhood!

This shirt is sponsored by the Catholic church. Production funded by the Ted Bundy foundation.

jimmie russels wrote
The best part about dating 23yr olds?

There's 20 of them.

awezummee wrote
Uuhm, can you buy this with euro's cuz i don't have dollars and i love in the netherlands

Danimal wrote
2 bucks more for 2XL? Talk about misleading advertising. First you get my hopes up and then it's bend over the laptop the floppy disc is going in the harddrive.

Bree wrote
I wear this shirt to school! :D Its cool I love it!

jahangir wrote

Kasie wrote
I work at Chuck E Cheese, and I'm so buying this my next paycheck.

M wrote
What is funny about the molestation of children? Wait. I don't want to hear that answer from a bunch of /b/tards.

Younara wrote
No mouth pink ?

Zpedobearlover wrote
Sex me up

arthur wrote
i bought this tshirt like 1/5week ago and i got it very fast (i live in belgium) i really like the service and this shirt :P pedobear is also much smaller on the pic and its much better IRL. i also like mah color (vintage blue). as i said i really like the service and im a happy customer :P

Catie wrote
Is the shirt good quality? And how big is pedo bear?

after this sentence at the right i will say "wrote": ----------> wrote

Derp wrote

Roger :D wrote
DAMN 6$ for this shit!!! FUCK YEAH!!! cheaper than getting it for 15 at another site :DDD

Lawl wrote
I bought this for my boyfriend

some kind of random person wrote wrote wrote wrote
wait mag you said you were gonna be a elementary school teacher and on your first day you gonna wear a pedo bear T . not a very good first impression for a teacher

Dillon wrote
LOLOLOL @ UP Character


Mag wrote
this one is my favorite. can't wait to wear this on my first day as a elementary school teacher. (:

CJ wrote
is dat sum loli?

sothatsTori wrote
*googles * pedobear

pedobeary437287432iu4yo wrote
i just saw a comment of a girl saying this is the character from the movie up. lmfao, i lawled like a bitch.

HerpaDerp wrote
Oh noez, the memes are being appropriated! Too bad 4chan didn't copyright them or something. Btw, where's shotacat?

vidjagaems wrote
Only /b/tards would rage about this.

kekeke wrote
@boohiss ... "the real world". KEKEKE!!! moot himself has to pee and grocery shop. Even though you would d like to think your 4chan world is top secret to just you and your /b/fag friends ... it is not. The whole world already knows!

Sam wrote
Bought 2, a boy\'s and a girls. She loved it. Good quality and shipping was quick. Cheapest Pedobear shirt on the web....only wish the mouth was pink.

Anon wrote
im wondering if I should really by this
yeah im an oldfag but this is a little much

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