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Bike Anatomy T-Shirt
Required reading for Bike Anatomy 101.

• Professionally printed silkscreen.
• 100% cotton tee (heathers poly-cotton).
• Ships within 2 business days.
• Designed and printed in the USA.

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What Others Are Saying

Barrett Ginsberg wrote
Great shirt. Heather blue is 50/50 though.... Not as represented all cotton.

Ali wrote
Heather Royal is a great color, but not 100% cotton.

GearGuy wrote
Must have gears. Fixies are for trendies. Impractical and useless. Look cool on your fixie wanna be track bike and struggle going up hill. Good idea.

wonderwomanisback wrote
yep. i go with zag,but i wish i was with the cheese because i want to learn how to ride a unicycle.can someone teach me plz.

pedantic douchebro wrote
Yahoo Answers: "Cogs are the teeth of a gear. A sprocket is a gear that is driven by a chain...such as on a bicycle."

Seipgam wrote
Some of you bicyclers are so up yourselves. I sometimes ride a bike, it has gears/cogs/sprockets or whatever, and nobody gives a shit if you ride a fixie or a bloody tricycle.
Go to some bike blog or something if you want to crap on about that shit.
Bottom line is- if you don't like the shirt then don't buy it.

Trey Fevaa wrote
Beach Cruiser is the way to go.

Sweet Shirt

bikeweed wrote
A tooth is a tooth and those round things with teeth on them are cogs in the back and chain rings up front. a group of cogs is part of a freewheel or a cluster or a cassette. There is no \"sprocket\" on a bike. Check any professional repair site or manual.

oliver wrote
The weakest link in the bicycle is always the rider.

a guy wrote
It's a chain ring in the front

tvh wrote
Would buy if "cog" was corrected to "sprocket"

Bikes are good wrote
Doesn't matter what you ride, just don't drive a damn car. Currently sharpening jacks to toss under asshole drivers, Look out jackasses!

fixed up wrote
Riding fixed is awesome, but depending on how hilly your rides are, you may want to have some gears. If you plan on enjoying a few adult beverages, you may want to stick to a beach cruiser....as long as you just keep on peddling! Sweet shirt

pedalist1 wrote
The bicycle. The most energy efficient means of travel. Celebrate people power no matter the machine. jThelboldroadie

VonFink wrote
As long as you don't drive like a douchebag, any bike is cool!

Gramma Ree wrote
Gears are for Grandmas! I would like THAT on a shirt too!

mike wrote
I think it looks better on chicks good placement of the wheels

spicoli wrote
this t is pretty sick

hipster hater wrote
cool shirt for people who are into bikes, but fixies are for bike messengers and racers. get over yourselves or go ride a double-high, you snobby douches.

Bike Bickering >. wrote
Lol @ Katie's comment.
Cool Shirt.
Bike bickering >.

S is Wrong wrote
Hey, S, Bike Mechanic is right, and you are the idiot. "Chain ring" up front, and "sprocket" in the rear. A "cog" is a tooth in a sprocket.

Oh, and I hate hipsters and their fixies. Both my daughter and I have almost been run over by hipsters that can't stop/control their bikes at intersections.

katy wrote

if it makes you happy, ride it. who fucking cares.

cute shirt.

zag wrote
Gears are for Grandma's. Single speed all the way.

avid cyclist wrote
Umm fixes develop efficient pedaling tec,hnique since when you stop pedaling you stop. I ride with a front brake for emergency stops but since the wheel cannot coast it forces you to do things properly like pedalling without causing the bike to shift side to side, not stop pedalling as coasting causes your muscles to cool off and tense up causing lactic acid to build up. Riding without a brake off of a track is retarded but riding a fixie with a brake in the city is much easier and more fun than driving a multispeed or single speed coaster. But for long rides I will use my hybrid as it has fatter tires and 7 speeds. No I don't listen to obscuremusic or drink pbr ad I'm never being ironic. Hipsters would call me a try-hard. But I do want this shirt

the cheese wrote
screw that i'm riding a unicycle :D

justthroatthismonster wrote
@the fixer
hey man the weakest link would be in the chain........

Lance Armstrong wrote
what's a fixie?

justwantedtotakeasecond wrote
to tell all you hipsters that both you, and using a fixie as your primary bicycle are completely ridiculous. Fixies can be fun, but claiming that they are anything but the most efficient way of fucking your knee's up is just plain silly.

Newatthishipterthing wrote
I like the fixie, but single-gear is my cup of tea.

The fixer wrote
Fixies are also useful in the wintertime (less parts to freeze up) and for people who like simplicity. I appreciate having the option to gear up and down, but i prefer not having to deal with derailleurs. I hate those things - they're always the weakest link in the bicycle.

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