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BP - Cover The Earth T-Shirt
Covering the earth doesn't sound like such a great idea anymore, huh?

~ Professionally printed silkscreen
~ High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
~ Available in multiple colors
~ Ships within 2 business days
~ Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

BP aint British any more (hasn't been for a long time) wrote
Barack Petroleum.

BP is American.

cris wrote
hahahahahahahaha....bp lol

Barry219 wrote
Very cool real creative

Hollee wrote
Hey Shedges! It is six bucks a shirt! How much money do you think they are making? And all the money in the world aint gonna fix the gulf. Time and manpower will.

Can\'t wait to get this shirt, and my 9 others.

as funny as it is... wrote
I'm pretty sure 80% of the image was not changed. Less than half of the image was changed. The paint can and the name were no where near half the image. I feel like this is probably illegal.

Jaleesa wrote
lol nice

shedges wrote
Please tell me a portion of the proceeds go to help clean things up and that you aren't just trying to make a buck!

Stunts wrote
Nice Pic..Natty

mR. PISSED-OFF wrote

Connor wrote
Nope it ain't illegal as long as he changed the image 80%. I think he did. Switched to BP and made it a gas nozzle rather then a paint can, he's good. Plus that was the point.

crt wrote
I'm glad someone made this shirt, I had the almost the same idea but didn't include the gas pump.

Laura wrote

Patricia wrote
mine was backwards. it rocks. QD!

John M wrote
Great design. Just got this shirt in the mail today.

Ash wrote
BP- Big Problem

The fish in the gulf wrote
This is awesome. THANK YOU.

not an intellectual property lawyer wrote
This is satirical, so the use is probably protected by the 1st amendment. It's an awesome design and I'm going to point some friends who work for EPA here to pick up copies.

Devon wrote
Sorry but this design concept looks exactly like Sherwin Williams logo. Isn't that illegal?

Dorian Appeldoorn (ikkeuh_918@hotmail.com) wrote

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