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A Tunic For Heroes T-Shirt
Get into the action with this heroic tunic.

Professionally printed silkscreen.
100% cotton tee (heathers poly-cotton).
Ships within 2 business days.
Designed and printed in the USA.

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What Others Are Saying

Awesome Boy wrote
Hi Leslie have you played The legend of Zelda ? is This Design related to The legend of zelda game? Thanks in Advance

Meh wrote
Design could be better, the stroke is a little too thick, also would love to have this in a royal blue, and a purple as well, to match the Four Swords Links.

linkslinkylink wrote
does this come in kid sizes?

Link wrote
This Shirt Hyrules!

Jazzy Vergara wrote
It's Hyrule*

Bob wrote
The print really needs to be bigger. Besides that its a great shirt.

steph wrote
what size would be recommended for a guy who's about 5'5?

now there is more colors so happy buying

still needs bigger print though

Joost wrote
I'm gonna make a hat for this when I've bought this. there also should be red, blue and black versions.

lukas wrote
great shirt, print could be bigger. miss the red and blue ones..

Fiend wrote
Brittany, Link also has a red and blue outfit! :)

Casey wrote
Shut up and take my rupees!

Alecia wrote
when you say $^ as US$6 or SG$6?...just confused :)

Brittany. wrote
Dont listen to these morons. Keep it green, just like link's shit should be.

distractedFreek wrote
Got it in 2XL, looks like the print was made for women's small tee, nice shirt but I wouldn't recommend this in larger sizes, unless you want to look like you stuffed yourself into a leprechaun's tunic instead of Link's

Sidney wrote
Love it!!! Can't wait to wear my lady tunic! XD Wish i could get red & blue ones too...

PWND wrote
looks awesome, but I do agree that it should be a v-neck though. I would still buy though especially for 6 dollars. Anything for Zelda.

Jemima wrote
should be in v-neck!
amazing though
want it

Rachel wrote
If this came in a V-neck style for girls, I'd buy that. It looks awkward with the tunic's collar is lower than the actual shirt's collar.

The Legend Of Yoshi wrote
you would make alot more money if you had red blue and black

DErp wrote
I would buy it if it was a V-neck

thedarkrai wrote
This is awesome, If there were more colors all my friends would buy them and thats about 30 people in 1 go. And they would buy multiple colors.
PLEASE ADD the following colors:

The Legend of Tetra wrote
It should come with a hat.

Ownage wrote
There should be a red and blue one too, like in OOT

transpm wrote
Amazing shirt! however, It would be even more awesome if it could come in red, blue, and purple too. It would be really cool to have me and 3 friends as the 4 links of 4 swords

Da Boss wrote
How to be the coolest guy ever
1. Buy this shirt
2. Wear this shirt
3. Play Skyward Sword in this shirt

'nuff said

Margaux wrote
Looooooove it! But I want it in red and blue now !

miyoshi wrote
The shirt is awesome but I ordered it in medium and the design was a little small, it fill out the shirt like it does in the picture. A little disappointing but its still an awesome shirt!

DJ wrote
Bought the shirt. It kicks ass. I'm going to buy a red one and a blue one somewhere else.

Jarrod wrote
I'm just not sure if I should get a size or two larger than I need so it hangs down like an actual Tunic!

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