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The Winchester Tavern T-Shirt
In case of a zombie attack, retreat to your nearest pub.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Bethany wrote
This is obviously SOTD. I am a HUGE Supernatural fan and even I can tell. BTW Sam, Supernatural didn't air until 2005, so...

Ashes wrote
I wish there were more colour options for females. I don't like pale pink/yellow or white :(

christy wrote
Bummer, can we get a nifty supernatural shirt?

M wrote
This is NOT Supernatural... it's a reference to Shaun of the Dead... which takes place in Winchester...

Grizz wrote
Wish I had this when i played a zombie for myth busters.
I would have given it to Kari

mariah wrote
Shaun of the Dead? Damn I was hoping for Supernatural.

Roos wrote
I love this movie! But I also think they should get spn shirts on this site

Riabee wrote
This is a SHAUN OF THE DEAD shirt!! The pub they go to is called The Winchester, which is why the description says "In case of a zombie attack, retreat to your nearest pub." So please, all of you people wanting this because you think the name Winchester is a reference to their last name on that (terrible) show, don't waste your money. You will look like a moron.

RAAB wrote
hahaha i live in winchester this is perfect

Thyme wrote
The one at think geek is not better than this. There's is just a generic crest and says "Winchester Tavern".

Lauren wrote
Epic Shaun shirt is epic!
Just because it has Winchester on it doesn't mean it has anything to do with Spn. But they do need spn shirts on here :D

John C. Clivemyer III wrote
It's Shaun of the dead, duh. Some people need need to get educated!

Marie wrote
so cool, love that movie!

applesauce wrote
need. this. shirt.

Randomocity wrote

Smallville lex luthor clark kent

Izac Roberts wrote
just ordered it! fuck supernatural your all idiots (SOTD FTW)

Sam wrote
Yep definitely Supernatural. 2004 is when the season premiered.

Human wrote
Why are girl shirts so limited when it comes to colours....?

Tattooed_BA wrote
Just ordered a set of 4 of these for a team of Spartan Racers. Fast shipping, good quality shirt, and fantastic design. Did I mention - it only cost me $6 ($9 per shirt) after shipping. Can't beat that with a wiffle ball bat!

Logan wrote
You've got red on you

Boxcar wrote
i totally thought this was a supernatural shirt to, and i wish it was. too bad i'm not a shaun of the dead fan :(

Dakota Allen wrote
Supernatural? you people are assholes, attention to detail would at least note the vinyl records, cricket bat,and shovel, i wonder what zombie killers used precisely these three weapons, and the fabled winchester that really does work? assholes, clearly shaun of the dead

Pudding!! wrote
It says Winchester. Totally a supernatural shirt!

thunderballz wrote
This one is cool and at think geek they have an org iginal logo and Shaun's shirt with the red ink stain

ZombieMommy84 wrote
I just got this for our zombie lovin' 8yr old little boy, can't wait till he opens it, he loves Shaun of the dead!

MadHatter92 wrote
There is a better one at "think geek"
Full color, better drawn, funnier quote on it.

Ashley Jo Owen wrote
Looking forward to wearing this and informing people that “I’ve got a bit of red on me.”

Rivek wrote
This is a Shaun of the Dead shirt. Excellent design. Buying it.

Donkey :P wrote
I'm getting this shirt for sure.
Shaun of The Dead was fucking amazing

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