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Hot Dog Dog T-Shirt
Mustard, relish, dog hair, and ultra-adorableness.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Claire Schmidt wrote
I got a medium girls.This shirt is really great! The white is a little bit see through but the design is the perfect size. The design is on there really well. I'm glad I didn't get a small though, because the first time you wear it it is a little tight. Do not shrink this shirt in the dryer. The neck is also a little tight. However, I am still really happy with this shirt.

MJG wrote
This shirt is stupid. Sure, it's called a "Wiener Dog," but COME ON! Have you ever actually TRIED to scrub mustard out of dog fur? It smells for weeks! All because of these crazy tees!

Chimmahh wrote
@Bernice - That made my day, thanks!

Wondering why wrote
I am unable to choose a size???

Om, Nom, Nom wrote
Some people are dumb. Maybe that\'s what makes the shirt so funny! I already bought one, but I got the size wrong so I gave it to my husband.I \'m buying another!

Bernice wrote
So I bought this sweatshirt and wore it to my neighbor's hotdog cookout... turns out he used to have a weiner dog, but his daughter ate it when she was 5. It brought back very bad memories, and he told me I had to leave the party. Later, the next day, I snuck into his house via his bathroom window in an attempt to apologize and scared him as he was taking down picture frames of his old dog. He fell off the top of the latter, hit his head on the counter, and starting bleeding like crazy. I went to go call the police, but I saw my shirt in the mirror, and THEN it hit me:
The weiner dog is in a hot dog bun because it is SHAPED and NAMED similarly to a hot dog weiner. How clever! Great sweatshirt I definitely recommend it :)

Gordie wrote
Hahahaah such a funny shirt. Also the "Animal Cruelty is Not Okay" has to be satirical...there is no way they can say that they "love hot dogs!" and then say that "eating animals is not and NEVER WILL BE okay" lol. Also dogs aren't important to our ecosystems haha they have weakly breed digestive systems and have to (mostly) eat processed food lol.

PeopleEatingTastyAnimals wrote
The dog is smiling. It knows it is delicious. Also, I would eat any other animal on these t-shirts if it was a matter of life and death. Even that nasty-ass honey badger.

Chester wrote
It would be funnier if Nobama's ugly face was on it!

Buttholes wrote
Suck my balls animal cruelty guy

andrea lopez wrote
once i get pay.. im gonna buy it *-*

Chiweenie owner wrote
Being that I have a small dachshund mix, this shirt is ADORABLE! My sister raised full blooded dachshunds and this is a common joke with breeders. So ACINO just chill out. Apparently you haven't seen the halloween outfits for dogs lately as well as Race of the Weenies dachshund races. I'm buying these for my girls.

Lol wrote
This Shirt Is So Funny... I Have It

I have canine teeth wrote
Yep, you said it. "With no dogs, the entire food chain would be disrupted." I figure it would make you too sick to study the issue yourself but humans have been relying on dogs for sustenance for many centuries. Even our own Lewis and Clark preferred to consume dog instead of salmon. They regarded the toughness of the meat as good for their constitution. I personally own dogs and, like you, am troubled by the notion of eating them, but hey, 2012 is coming.

Dogs are Delicious wrote
STFU. This isn't promoting animal cruelty, its merely making a joke. People like you take life way too seriously and ruin it for the rest of us. Heaven forbid we make a joke about how a WIENER dog is like a hot dog WIENER, you should probably get off the internet if this legitimately offends you, because this is all you'll find. Mostly because the majority of society has a sense of humor.

schtank wrote
Yeah, that comment about animal cruelty is the most retarded, contradictory thing I've ever read. You "love hot dogs" and also think that "eating animals will never be ok". Well, I've got news for you.. Hot dogs are made of animals. Stop being a whiney bitch. Chill out and smoke a j, it'll all be ok.

Ash wrote
E.A.I.N.O.- please tell me you are joking? That is a dachshund's nickname- HOT DOG. Have you not seen the default costume for every dachshund around Halloween- it's a hot dog bun strapped to the pupper. Nobody is saying to eat the pupper so relax lol

Connor wrote
Bought this shirt and will arrive in mail shortly , looks great. Text is easy and large to see

luckyducky wrote
i cant wait to wear this shirt to a BBQ when it comes in the mail :D

YESSS!! FIRST COMMENT! i like this shirt! How big is the design on an actual person's shirt? Picture pleeeeasee!! :DD

Addie wrote
I dont like it,

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