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Cthulhu Buster T-Shirt
Oh no, I don't think the proton packs are waterproof. We're screwed.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Y'Golonach wrote
Cthulhu ftagn!

Manliest of Men wrote
I grow beards from my armpits
*drops the mic*

Curt S. wrote
Just got my shirt. Was pleasantly surprised that it glowed in the dark! Amazing purchase! Thanks 6dollarshirts

Roshani wrote
good one

Christopher Peruzzi wrote
Who you gonna call? No one. The old ones don't play around. You're screwed.

Scott wrote
The beard is completely revolting

schoonie wrote
Beard is real, I bowl with the guy. Not a great bowler but tries hard none the less.

adbandoni wrote
you two are so fake..

what the hell is this doing in my house.
i got the connection and who put it there??/
not me!!!

LOL at the beard heaters wrote
The guys who are hating on the beards most likely dont have the ability to grow one. Its ok boys.. puberty will hit you soon :)

Marci Lynn wrote
Awesome! satan will burn! and ALL his little blind selfish followers.

f*ck hipsters wrote
damn hipsters! when is this trend going to shave itself and go away

Odium wrote
Ha ha "ME". Personally, I think his lovely beard gives the shirts more of a Americana / Hipster / Pennsyltucky / Carnival Ride Worker feel to the shirts. Which is probably better then the pasty white IT geek vibe I would get without Mr. BEARDO THE GREAT . With his beard promoting this Cthulhu shirt, I feel like I could get myself a vintage tattoo of an American Flag from the revolutionary times or perhaps smoke meth with some of my racists friends or maybe just go down to the Mission District in SF and get some tacos. Much better then just a bunch of geeks playing video games on Friday night and eating pizza.

Beard Man wrote
Go Melissa! Dude fuck all these haters. Remember with Great Beard comes Great Responsibility.

corey wills wrote
hay man i know you from rehab lol it's me fancey pants

janet wrote
your beard is sooooo fake

Cthulhu wrote
Hardly anti-me propaganda....certainly spinable...dirt cheap...I like it.

Miopic wrote
it is nice in theory, but I worship the dark lord I don't want to bust him DL

william gaul wrote
its awesome l love it

Aidan wrote
This from a beardless one: "Me", you sound jealous as fuck, my man. And "why????", way to judge a book by it's cover, you suck!

why???? wrote
what is wrong with women that they now drool over tools who look like their grandfathers as bearded pedophile hicks? why give it up so easily to some scumbag purely over a gimmick trend? sigh...

Melissa wrote
I want to ride your beard naked.

ashley wrote

Me wrote
I want to light fire to your stupid-ass Duck Dynasty red neck beard.

Mariko wrote
This shirt is great! The colors pop and the desing is huge (granted I have a small girl\'s tee but still) I recommend for all the ghostbusters/chtuluh fans out there!

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