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A Random Mystery Shirt!
Select the style and size, and we'll pick the color and design. Most designs are currently for sale on the site.

*Select sizes may not be available.

Printed in the U.S.A
Ships in 2 business days
Sale is final.

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What Others Are Saying

George Bush wrote
jet fuel cant melt steel beams

fdboling wrote

PunkinDrublic wrote
I accidentally bought the mystery shirt two times due to a web error. I ordered one ladies med and ladies lg and they both ended up being Beatles puns. (lucky for me I am a fan) I'm curious as to what a random men's small might end up being.

pam moxley wrote
Love these shirts....so soft and comfortable for the price. I did not expect them to be so nice for 6 bucks. And I love the colors...the chocolate brown and deep ash are great...

Megan wrote
Was sooooo extremely thrilled!! Thank you so much to the person picking out the mystery shirts!!! They noticed that my entire order was only black shirts (I only wear black shirts) and they sent me an awesome black "I want to believe" shirt! Could not be more in love with this company!!!!

Homie wrote
I love this website!

pepeponpin wrote

pewpewpew wrote

dvir wrote
I have a question:

this is a free shipping worldwide?

Val wrote
Excellent job on my picks! One is a white shirt, I will gift that to someone. And I got 3 xmas designs.... won't be able to wear them 90% of the year but I loved all my designs.
Half+ had dogs/cats, one jad a zombie, one had pizza.... I would definitely recommend this. The shipping is a bit pricey but overall still an excellent deal!

William Holmes wrote
I just ordered 2 shirts one for me, one for a co-worker. I'll let you know how it goes. :|

kevin jackson wrote
I like spending money with these guys..
6 dollar shirts..Second Christmas order I have placed... This year I ordered random shirts and for the same money everyone gets two shirts... And it's even more fun that I didnt pick them out... Good luck to everyone on my shirt list this year.. Thanks Dude

samuel dennis wrote
the random shirts is good and is cheap for any body.

Andrea Redden wrote
Cool shirts

Lap nguyen wrote

samuel wrote
the shirts are good and affordable too.

jillaine wrote
I just put in an order for 10 t-shirts (not all fell into the 10 for $50) then went to check out and the shipping was really high so I had to go back and delete 5 shirts from my order. I'm a little sad about that! Is there something they can do to make shipping more affordable?

samueldennis4@yahoo.com wrote
i was getting wired about the shipping prize until i find the random shirt

Shannon wrote
Order the random 10shirts they were all awesome!! & perfectly sized!

Emily Mollet wrote

le0n wrote
just opened the 10-pack mystery order.

thanks for the cool selection :)

Wood wrote

Aus Dollar wrote
Just purchased some shirts from Australia. Cool designs but you need to have a currency conversion function. I checked several times and even the invoice sent to me has the advertised price, but my bank statement ha charged me a different amount

Nuckles wrote
Good quality, awesome shirts! Awesome price!

Lisa G. wrote
I ordered the "random mystery shirt", and I got the "Leo Lion" in navy blue. I am THRILLED with it! Kudos to whomever filled my order, because they noticed I had a cat thing going with the other shirts I ordered. This design is superb!

Eric wrote
I ordered a mystery tee and got a white one that says "i matched your girlfriend on tindr" or some such...oh well, i guess that'll teach me. Next time i'll pick out my own.

Michael McNeal wrote
This site is awesome, just put in an order on my first 10! Tee Bag.

moo7 wrote
Don't See Me

jaoke wrote
love it

Buffalo Bob wrote
Now It Places the lotion in the basket!
...It rubs the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again!

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