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Jesus Lizard Print
Jesus was cool with everybody, even those pesky dinosaurs.

Designed and printed in the USA
100lb, lustro paper
Ships within 2 business days

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What Others Are Saying

Rudes wrote

Jebus wrote
The guy that claims Jesus was a historical figure is absolutely hilarious. Of all the known and used historians of that time and region, NOT A SINGLE ONE mentions anything about anything the bible has in it. And we use these historians for every other aspect of history from that time, just not this... Its downright stupid, and so is anyone who believes it.

fome sucking guy wrote
What kind of blasphemer draws a raptor without its eviscerating foot talon? Do not want.

Uh Actually wrote
Jesus is real and is the son of God. Don't believe me, open up a book- you know the one. "Falling Up" by Shel Silverstein is such an accurate depiction of how Jesus behaved when he was with us; I'm a little surprised that people haven't gotten this through their thick skulls yet

@JimboWTF wrote
Jesus is alive! He works at 7-11!

Well the actual truth wrote
You can say you don't believe in Jesus being the sun of God etc but you however can not say Jesus was not real because he is a historical figure and is documented in time so your statement proved to be invalid

It's writes, not wrote
....I do hate it when Jesus rides dinosaurs in my house while eating my nutella. Sucks tbh.

Eugene wrote
This is pretty neat

dickinabox wrote
i love how it says jesus lizard print but then its talking about dinosaurs

Phil wrote
Haha, dinosaurs aren't real

Hitler wrote
This is hilarious, those stupid creationists "9"

jesus tits wrote
hi yo silver! away!

Lucifer wrote
This was a rip on Sarah Palin for saying "Dinosaurs were Jesus horses"

Hypocrite much? wrote
Hey \"It\'s funny because you can blow me till my ass caves in\", if you are saying that you disagree with the fact that Jesus was NOT a miracle working son of God, then I believe I\'m safe in assuming that you are a Christian, believer of some sort. Correct me if I\'m wrong, but isn\'t it a bit un-Christian like to tell somebody to blow you until your ass caves in?!? ... Oh, no wait, that\'s right, it\'s ok if you say that to little boys, cause that\'s what your preachers do! Molestation is a very Christian/Catholic (same shit) thing to do, apparently. I mean, the pope doesn\'t have a problem with it anyways. If you look up \"hypocrite\" in the thesaurus, the first word you\'ll find is \"christian\".

Shah Jahan wrote
Defiantly going to get this for my church

John wrote
the truth wrote:
\"it\'s funny because jesus isn\'t real\"

he was, he just wasn\'t the son of God, able to perform miracles, etc.

Edd Andrew wrote
It says it's 100lb. Hahaha.

Wrote isn't a word to me anymore wrote
Love it ;3

Rope-a-Dope wrote
Hey sirK3 it is not a shirt, just a print on paper

its funny because you can blow me til my ass caves in wrote
hey "the truth" - I don't agree.

wow bro wrote
hey, "the truth".
how about some religous toleration up in here yo.
opinions are the spice of life but don't be narrow minded.

sirK3 wrote
Which size is it?

La La Da Da wrote
I'll bet Dinosaurs hated having to carry that big hot dog!

the truth wrote
it's funny because jesus isn't real

Aaron wrote
Jesus actually is this cool haha.

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