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Tesla Power T-Shirt
With his faithful pigeons by his side, he made electricity his bitch.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Alejandro Hernandez wrote
Awesome. He is my favorite inventor. This is my third time buying these amazing shirts. I bought the Carl Sagan one as well. The quality is awesome.

Esoteric Knowledge wrote
Such an awesome design. Tesla was a brilliant man with noble intentions that got screwed over by capitalism and greed. Long live Tesla!

Terrence Howell lll wrote
Farts are freedom my friends

Shara wrote
This is freaking bossome :) I shopped online for FOREVER when I was 18 to find a Tesla shirt... finally found one at cafepress. I am not almost 30. Nice to see the Tesla shirt becoming easier to find.

candy wrote
"Why do you care what my name is? ", the bird in this design is a homage to the pet wild pigeon/dove Tesla grew very fond of. He was a loner bar a couple of friends (one of them being Mark Twain) so the fact he cared for another being in such a manner stands out in his biography, enough to quaintly include in the t-shirt

Anyway I just ordered this, I'm looking forward to it!

Why do you care what my name is? wrote
It's an awesome t-shirt! What's with the bird though?
BTW, the comments on this page, crazier than supposed crazy Tesla!

roxanne wrote
i don't think a $6 t-shirt is ethical.

Woodswalker wrote
I don't like the "weapon" that Tesla is holding...but I spose it makes sense since he researched a 'death ray' and particle beam weapons...otherwise awesome shirt. I want one! I don't believe Tesla was considered 'insane'. He had hallucinations and OCD, but he was always able to distinguish reality from imagination. He never went berserk and launched his death ray like the comic book villains do. Lots of 'religious' people see visions of light too. I guess all the Catholic saints are insane?

Spaceman Jam wrote
Malfeus, It's Nikola, not Nicholas. qq

Jim L. wrote
Sanity is boring.

john wrote
understanding is the foundation of disfunction

Miss Lily wrote
Great minds are often unstable. It's just really hard to keep so much magnifence bottled up inside one head. And that's okay, as long as you try to show the rest of the world the massive spectacle of awesome before you die. Tesla is fabulous. This shirt is fabulous.

Malfeus wrote
Fyi, Nicholas Tesla was bipolar.

TheRaven72 (xbox live gamertag) wrote
He locked himself in his lab and went on saltine fueled rants?? I lock myself in my room and go one saltine induced rants all the time... I hate pigeons though, I prefer morning doves.

Julie wrote
He never thought the pigeon was his wife, he was merely in love with it. He loved it like a man loves a woman.

He also broke the laws of physics and looks badass on a t-shirt.

gorillagirl88 wrote
I ordered this shirt, and I LoVe it! Beautiful print, looks even better than the picture.

tesla lover wrote
AWESOME T SHIRT of the most influential person of the last few centuries or millenia. Unfortunately, CRISPEN's mother was not a Tesla fan or we would have the blessing of atleast one less dumb ass on the planet. Don't crap where you eat--everything you enjoy today was stolen from Tesla's imagination. SUPER AWESOME T SHIRT!!!!!!! P.S.---we could benefit from about 4 billion dumb people like you never existing and dumbing down the planet while wasting resources. Survival of the fittest, not babying the gimps that pass on bad DNA. If you ruled the planet, we would still crap in our drinking water. Progress not regress (watch the apes on Maury Povich).

(insert name here) wrote
Tesla > Edison.

Down with GE, up with Wardenclyff!

Hector Manuel Rodriguez wrote
Cool tea it was a genius inventor and today we use all his legacy. Also remember Zombies from Black Ops the Ray gun or Death Ray. I even invented wireless electric power what u now call modern inventions.

Anonymous wrote
Tesla is universally considered to have been insane. He fluctuated between different levels of insanity and lucidity, similar to Van Gogh. At his worst, he would go on nonsensical rants, or lock himself in his labratory and eat nothing but saltine crackers and water for weeks at a time. He also recorded many hallucinations in his notebooks and papers towards the end of his life (during his "bad days"), including (reportedly) one about him loving a pigeon "like a man loves a woman" that had eyes with beams of light coming out of them. I don't know about the credibility of that last bit, but he was very fond of pigeons, so it either way. There's no denying he was an incredible genius, but he was most definitely not a mentally stable person.

whatswrongwithamerica wrote
@Broham: u mad bro?

Crispeniswrong wrote
Just an fyi, Crispen, nearly EVERYONE was for sterilization and eugenics before the aftermath of WWII. So I suppose the vast majority of people during the 19th and first half of the 20th century were insane? Lrn2history, scrub.

Crispen wrote
About the "not being insane thing," you know he advocated sterilizing the less apt members of society? Tesla may have been a genius, but I call eugenics advocates pretty fucking insane.

Broham wrote
Cameron, try not to talk out your anus, the words tend to come out muddled and brown. Tesla was never insane and never though any pigeon was his wife. Do not defile greatness with ignorance. Stop clicking the first link you see on your Google searches... If someone counters "u mad bro," my retort is, "your ignorance and saturated fat is what is wrong with America." Troll out

Nicole wrote
I adore this shirt. i wear it as often as humanly possible!!

Cameron wrote
I love the pigeon on his head. For those of you who don't know, Nikola Tesla went insane later in his life and thought that a pigeon was his wife. Awesome guy, albeit a little insane later on. Awesome shirt.

Crossroad wrote
At first I thought it was the medic from tf2

Brande wrote
I really like this shirt. Even ordered it. Shame they sent me the WRONG SHIRT! Hoping someone get's back to me so I can wear this Bad Ass Tesla shirt around.

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