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Hunter Thompson T-Shirt
Watch out friend, because this tee was made in Bat Country.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

isis Macnamara wrote
I don\'t feel like he \"rotted his brain\" and that\'s why he committed suicide as seemed to be implied by that previous post (if I am misinterpreting I\'m sorry) He had just lived life very fully and to great extremes and when he became too old and his body was in too much pain for him to live life by his terms he chose to end it... Most of the time suicide is a pretty cowardly act but I have a decent amount of respect for the way he handed the end of his life, He made sure he was alone at home but contacted his wife to explain and say goodbye also giving her the option to allow someone else to find him... He also researched how to shoot himself and leave as little possible mess so as to leave as little inconvenience behind as possible... Well thought out and sane rather than burnt out and out of it... I have an enormous amount of respect for him... If my daughter had been a boy she would have been named Hunter... She had the bad form to be born without a penis tho so I have to find other ways to honor him... :)

loathing love wrote

JMAC71 wrote
I have nothing but the highest praise for this company, the shirts and their customer service. I bought this shirt along with others and love all of them. Excellent quality, low prices, can't beat it. I HIGHLY suggest this shirt and this company to anybody who wants unique, witty and rare t-shirts. My friends are jealous.

Joe M. wrote
Wore the shirt for the first time today and already got 2 compliments in the first 2 hours of wearing it!

Kurt Coyle wrote
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt and am getting "LOADS of Compliments" on it from Hunter S. Thompson fans or those who cant quite place his face! It is a great "ice breaker" to meet others....For those who don't know Hunter S Thompson demise, he wanted this Cannon like structure built on his property 3 Stories high, after he died (it was in his Will) in Woody Creek Colorado (near Aspen) where he died by a gun shot wound to his head....Suicide my friends. Anyway, he wanted his ashes blasted ALL over the COLORADO ROCKIES for eternity since he was so in love with that (MY) part of the WORLD!! By the way I loved him for who he was NOT where he lived....THAT WAS A BONUS. Drugs and Alcohol rotted his brain BUT not until he left a wonderful written legacy. THAT "FIST" WAS always his symbol, representing his "Gonzo Style Reporting" RIP Hunter. God I miss him....

IF YOU ARE A FAN OF Hunters or want to get to know him better THEN check out the movie: "Where the Buffalo Roam" starring a very young BILL MURRAY, who does Hunter to a TEE!!......(get it...YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE, VERY CLEAVER!!!)

helen knight wrote
ordering rite nao! "The weird turn pro"

Don G wrote
Hunter always wanted his ashes to be shot out of fist and johhny depp made it happen thats what the shirt represent

mel wrote
I like the graphic but confused about the concept... :/

nisaaaa wrote
I freakin love this shirt. I'm definitely going to buyyy it.

JWS wrote
I ordered this shirt, and then my wife got it for me in white for Christmas, so I have TWO!! LOVE IT!!

Bob wrote
I love this shirt, too cool. But man, the little pieces of the screen print came off in the washing machine the first time. I emailed these nice guys and they sent another one. But its more detailed print has now been washed off as well :(. Oh well I still wear them both. Hope you guys beef up the screen printing on this one, I'll order another. It's a great shirt.

Vinoshitto wrote
Ohh Neat!!
Hunter. bats and his funeral double thumbed fist.

A must-have!

Star wrote
Best t-shirt I ever got! Its now my most favorite shirt I own, Fits amazing, super soft and great print! Couldn't have asked for a better shirt!

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