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A Random T-Shirt 10-Pack!
Need to fill out your wardrobe quickly and with hilarious tees? Select our Random T-Shirt 10-Pack! Choose the style and size, and we'll pick the color and design.

**Select sizes may not be available temporarily.

Printed in the U.S.A.
Ships in two business days.
Sale is final.
Qty. Size Chart

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What Others Are Saying

May Shatto wrote
Mostly happy with what I was sent but 3 shirts were difficult to read due to the dark color of print on a dark shirt. Had to hold under a light just to see that it actually had something on it

Mellyn Fisco wrote
When are y'all gonna have this promotion in bigger men's sizes! I've got people wanting these for the price!

Angela wrote
I ordered this pack all the shirts where different. I am satisfied with my purchase and will order again.

Meg wrote
Bought them to give to my family members for Christmas. I figured since there are 10 shirts, at least one of my family members would like each of them. I'm very happy that the quality of the fabric has improved since my last purchase. I got mostly black T-shirts and there are only a couple that I think nobody in my family will like. There are another 3 that I really love and the rest are good. It's fun to make a gamble and see what you get :)

Brittney wrote
Shipping wasn't bad. I ordered ten shirts as well as the additional ten ransom. I'd guess those that chose the shirts looked at what was specifically ordered as all were fantastic choices, one I didn't quite understand the humor but was able to see why someone else might enjoy it. These shirts are your basic shirts and for the price I really can't complain about anything at all. So long as these shirts withstand a decent amount of wear, I will definitely return as more shirts come out.

Katie wrote
Even with the high price for shipping, it still comes out to less than 4 dollars a shirt. Great deal. I was happy with all of my shirts, but I did get 2 of the same shirt. I contacted customer service and they had a replacement on the way within an hour. Excellent customer service from Ariel! Can't wait to splurge and order again, probably next paycheck! :)

Autumn Lowrey wrote
I did an order of 5 mystery shirts at the start of summer. The feel and quality of the shirts is great! There was only one design I didn\'t love, so I use it for working in the yard or layering under another shirt now that it\'s cooling down.
I just ordered the 10 pack. I was able to order a men\'s large AND shipping was totally reasonable. It came out to approximately $3.67/per shirt. You can\'t beat that!

Phil Walker wrote
How can you be out of stock of "Random" t-shirts?

scottssister1 wrote
Just placed my first order and Im super excited to get it! I was really shocked at the price of shipping though. That is kind of ridiculous....

Danny W. wrote
Bought a shirt for me and this mystery 10 pack for my wife. She loved the shirts, but we did receive one duplicate (two of the ten had the same design, same color). Contacted customer service and they were GREAT!!! Offered to send another shirt, refund money or give us store credit. Great experience!

Bummed wrote
I wish you guys offered bigger sizes for women... Some of us are bigger and completely healthy! I went to order some for my husband, but there was no option for size Large.

Jared wrote
Need to have men large

what gives wrote
I really want to order again but no Mens larges.

Natascha wrote
Just got my shirts and laughed at every single one of them. They are awesome and fit just fine. Definitely going to order more.

Anxiously waiting wrote
Why aren't there ever men's large available? I really want to order!

Chevaughn wrote
Shirts and print are really good quality. Some of the shirts are meh but that's what you get with mystery shirts. Package arrived in a week and the ordering process was simple, I think for my next purchase I'll get a 10 pack of the shirts I want. Thanks again for this amazing deal.

Sadie wrote
Opening this was like Christmas! The only thing that sucks is getting two of the same gift and not being able to return one. :(

jusinbello2014 wrote
I ordered two mystery packs (one for each of my daughters ages 10 & 12) I spoke with assistance on chat & they made sure all shirts were age & school appropriate. We will be doing the same again for next school year.

A3SNE.com wrote
I just got my pack I'm happy with most of the shirts except 2 ....The one design I didn't want LOL...And I get 2 of them in the same color? I know they are random but do you have to send duplicate shirts?
Other than that I am very pleased with the quality of the shirts.

Matt Foley wrote
Fat guy in a little XL shirt?!

Lindsey Neal wrote
Please get a 10 pack in 2x-3x!!! Please

Danielle wrote
If any one wants to purchase a PG version of this deal click on the chat box and ask. That's what I did and customer service told me they would put a note in my order once I placed my order.

Chelsey wrote
I literally love all 10 of the mystery shirts I received. Not a single one was offensive or vulgar, which is great considering I have a young child. They are all awesome. I am ridiculously tempted to buy another 10 pack. Such a great deal.

Sey wrote
I wish there was some slight control over the content, I would buy these in a heartbeat if I knew I wouldn't get pot crap. No thanks.

Lilly wrote
Good deal except two of the t-shirts are the same design but different color.

big fat wrote
my friends call me big fat and i need 3xl and more oreo insides please

Andrea Peth wrote
I bought the random 10 pack for my 22 year old son in hopes that they weren't all going to be sucky clearance shirts that no one wanted and was pleasantly surprised! Every single shirt was awesome! I am certain he will love them all! This was not only a bargain, but I also didn't have to make the decision which 10 to choose! Buy this deal now!

can i split up the sizes wrote
i just want to get five and give five to my sister but we are different sizes please help

Cody wrote
5xl please I will pay extra

Rich wrote
When are more XL going to be an option??

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