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The Vault - Hey Ukraine Crimea River
Break out political commentary, and maybe even talk of J.T.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

Qty. Size Chart

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What Others Are Saying

max wrote
this should be paid for in rubles

fnord wrote
I just don't understand why it has a picture of Mike Judge.

Buck Turgidson wrote
So where are the real PUTIN KHUILO shirts? Mankind demands them . . . as does Lyudmila, Vova's ex-wife.

Kisilev Dima wrote
Putin khuilo! La la la la la la

Connor wrote
Can't wait to wear around this around the UK, hope to turn heads. This website rules!!!

Ed Petrol wrote
d there is a common phrase in America where when somebody whines we say "Cry me a river." So this is a play on words where Putin who invaded Ukraine is saying "Crimea river" essentially meaning the same thing but also referring to the Crimea area as well. Get it?

d wrote
my english quite poor. can anyone tell, what does it mean exactly? i know what is Crimea, and river - is stream of water, but Crimea river sounds meaningless for me.

alex wrote
I bought it, I like it.

rubies wrote
Awesome! Putin is Boss.

Dan wrote
Kind of in poor taste, unless your one of those Tea Party Right (extreme)Wingers...

Honestly though this is the only shirt out of the hundreds here that offend me.

6dollarshits is still the bee's knees.

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