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867-5309 T-Shirt
For a good time call Jenny.

• Professionally printed silkscreen.
• 100% cotton tee (heathers poly-cotton).
• Ships within 2 business days.
• Designed and printed in the USA.

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What Others Are Saying

Jennifer wrote
Just made this shirt MINE!

Another Jenny born in '71.

Paul Grullon wrote
Its the Suicide Prevention Hotline

Bryan wrote
This was a completely valid exchange in my home city, and I worked with a woman named Jenny, who once had this very number. No joke. Jenny was a lesbian, some just might have called her a "dyke" (she looked like she'd rip your head off your neck and defecate down your throat at the drop of a hat, but she had a heart of gold). Imagine you're the joker that got HER on the line when you were prank calling at 2am...

me wrote
im about to be born, i understand it

mike stavely wrote
AWESOME shirt. Everywhere I go, people ask me who's number it is and what it means. I tell them, " sing it"

Love dis website wrote
Im 13, I thought everyone got this reference...867-530NIIIINNIEIEN

I'm10 wrote
I'm 10, and I get this refrense...

asthore lovette wrote
when i first heard the song i actually called and asked if jenny was using a different area code daytime

Ruby wrote
I need this shirt! Now if only me name was Jenny. . .

tyler miller wrote
dope i wish more people knew about it

LazyGeneration wrote
It's funny how the younger kids don't know what the numbers mean but are too lazy too google it. This new generation is not the generation of technology, but rather the lazy generation due to the technology being invented by older, smarter, and NOT lazy people.

Chantelle wrote
I was born in 98, and even I get this shirt. Well, I'd say I've only known it since I was 8 years old because my parents were born in 72.

puerto boy wrote
I'm 11 years old and I understand the meaning of this shirt .Oh, and by the way I'm puertorican. IN YOUR FACE!

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Snappy wrote
Ha! I must own this shirt! If you're old enough to remember the number, kudos to you. If you're too young to know the song, get the shirt anyway... your teachers will appreciate the laugh. :)

Jenny wrote
As a Jenny, that grew up listing to this song, I totally have to have this shirt!! Now, they just need to make one that says Jen-Nay ... and I'll be set.

a f wrote
Have worn to work twice, and ppl older than me have mis-quoted the phone number to me. For the love of god, really?! Will continue to wear it, though co-workers have begun to refer to me as Jenny...

12yrold wrote
i am twelve, and what is this?

Johhny McJohn wrote
Yeah I agree with Laz. I'd like to see a "634-5789" Shirt

Basically wrote
My best friend loves this song. The number came up on the caller ID and she took a pic and posted it on facebook and everything. Love it when a birthday gift falls in my lap. Winning!

This hardly sounds like a word: wrote

molly wrote
Digging this shirt

Jenny wrote
Will definitely be buying this at some point :)

Kai wrote
I'm 14, and I know what this shirt means.

Laz wrote
Meh, would rather have 634-5789

Grown ass Nigga wrote
Grow the fuck up

Ambie wrote

Because some people don\'t listen to garbage.

that girls a bitch (: wrote
Umm, some people aren't weirdo like you and haven't heard this song. No need to be a jerk about it.

JENNY I GOT YOUR NUMBER 867 5309, 897 5309 (:

Mirela Olah (carmapuccia@hotmail.com) wrote

Jen wrote
My name is Jennifer. Like many, many thousands of other Jennifers, I was born in 1971.

I rock the crap out of this shirt.

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