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Bach To The Future T-Shirt
Kanye's got nothin' on this composer's mad style.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

Jeff wrote
Pics show neon geen, bright! T Shirt came with a dull looking much darker green. Not happy with this one at all

pmillz wrote
yeah this is not bach. definitely beethoven lol

Anja wrote
u make me laugh
u r discreditin' Americans again
every little kid IN MY COUNTRY knows that guy is Beethoven
no Bach

ignoramus wrote
The t-shirt descriptions should be printed on the back of the shirt, adds to the humour ... Kanye really doesn't have anything on this composers mad style!

caigen wrote
im i the only one who thaught it was christopher walken?

no YOURE all wrong. IM smarter than everyone else. im the unknown stranger you should REALLY believe. wrote
i cant decide if its funny or sad that some ppl are dumb enough to think the satirical comments were meant literally... yea, the guy who made the Albert Einstein comment is the dumbass.... oh and to clarify for the person who wrote in as wow, thats called sarcasm. see im actually implying that you are the dumbass, see how that works? and to the person who wrote in as dudez, no, you could shave his head and thatd still be a picture of Beethoven. Bach looks nothing like that at all. and Beethoven had that exact hair style long before Doc Brown. and yes i think we all got the Back to the Future reference... but that still doesnt change the fact that its a pic of Beethoven... i think whoever chose that title prob meant for Bachs name to simply represent classical musicians of that time in general (which would include Beethoven), cause Beethoven to the Future doesnt quite have the same ring to it.

Paul Black wrote

Don't you mean Chopin-Lizst?


Lesslli wrote
Ludwig van Beathoven is Bach to the Futur!
This T-shirt goes directly on my Chopin-List!

Dudez wrote
It\'s obviously Bach, those of you who are saying it\'s Beethoven are wrong. The reason his hair is like that is because Doc Brown(from Back To The Future) has hair like that.
Get it now? Bach To The Future.

Mongrel wrote
This has got to be the stupidest string of comments on this website.

LOL wrote
It's Beathoven. Not beethoven, BEAThoven. Get it?

Erectile Beethoven wrote
Its obviously elvis in beethoven halloween costume. Dont you know the color of his eyes is blue. And theres no way its Bach. Hes Dead!

Whoa you fucking idiots that\'s not Bach...it\'s your mom! hahaha I hate you all.

P H wrote
That's not Bach...it's Beethoven.

Slovenian guy wrote
NO, this is France Prešeren, smartass!

Mr.T wrote
Calm down, Palaboys. I know it's supposed to be Beethoven, but "Bach to the Future" sounds like Back to the future. get it? HAHAHAHAHAHA

yabadaba wrote
Gasp! Ludwig Van Beethtoben is BACH TO THE FUTURE!! I solved it!

Johann Strauss wrote
Wow, it's "Ludwig Van The Future", bitches!!

The surname prefix "van" means of/from.

Alix wrote
anyone else think it kinda looks like johnny Depp

Expert with Expertise wrote
That's Christopher Walken, my good chums.

shit. wrote
whoever did this didnt even bother erasing those blobs around the portrait. WTF?

Jonas wrote
uhm can someone make more bad ass composer t shirts
Mahler is Bahler T shirt

Ludwig Van Beethoven just wrote

waddup wrote
That's clearly Ludwig Van Beethoven http://bit.ly/nFBqZ , istant buy!

gouletisawesome wrote
it's beethoven you idiots. not bach. god!

Gabba wrote
Hmm... would be better if it was actually Bach!

I might get it because I absolutely love Beethoven...

smart guy wrote
your all wrong. its clearly chistopher walken

StarwarsGeek wrote
Uh thats Beethoven.
Bach wore a wig...

i just wrote
2 musical geniouses

eden wrote
it's called bach to the future, so i'm guessing it'd be bach..

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