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Back To Back Champs T-Shirt
World War Kickball Champs of course!

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

theblackout wrote
Uboinik wrote: Actually, ja. Ich sprechen Deutsch.

Nein. Ich spreche Deutsch, nicht sprechen. Tsk tsk.

Also, stfu. The British and French ravaged the Germans more than us in WWI. They dictated harsher terms and demanded the most from them, the U.S. even forgave tons of debt and other stuff to help the recovery due to the worldwide economic depression.

Besides, Germans are still to blame for allowing Hitler to use them.

...what? wrote
You guys are out of control. It's a fucking T-Shirt. Deal w/ it.

I think I'll submit an idea for a shirt about Brits constantly bitching about stupid shit they weren't alive for.

A'merca wrote
Ha Ha Ha must suck to not be a Super Power. We wouldn't know We've always been Awesome, just like this shirt. Hate all you want when anyone gets a booboo they call us. this shirt is edgy and inventive, don't be such a bunch of babies

Anchovy_Rancher wrote
How about a "Southeast Asian War Games, Second Place" shirt?

guy smalley wrote
I think unibomber above needs a history lesson, i expect "springtime for hitler & germany " to start playing as he's ranting lol

ThereAtTheStart wrote
Back to back champs? Yeah, but they weren't starters, they came off the bench. Check the start date of both wars.


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Uboinik wrote
Actually, ja. Ich sprechen Deutsch. The only reason WW2 happened is because you turned the tides of the first one. You swooped in in 1917, when everybody was too fucking tired to fight anymore, collected the fame and then blamed the Germans, whom you then impoverished. That is the sole reason the Nazis became so popular. The Germans agreed with anti-semitism because the Nazis brought them wealth. Then you claim you actually had any contribution in solving the problem you started? Yeah, tell that to the Brits, Poles, French and especially Russians. And no jokes about France's surrender, they continued to fight a guerrilla campaign for the remaining of the war. How about you pull your head out of your own ass and stop flaunting what you lack? Fucking yanks.

James wrote
Well, the Soviet Union wasn't victorious in two world wars (They dropped out of World War One after they overthrew Imperial Russia), so this shirt wouldn't really work with a map of them. The first one, they quit.

Carsten wrote
They should make one that says \"3rd Time\'s a Charm\" for the Germans...

Josh wrote
'Murica is badass, nuff sad

Ben wrote
funny....but really not in good taste

Halftrak wrote
Eighty percent of the German military was slugging it out with the Russians on the Eastern front. For the relatively small manufacturing power they had, and the silly orders they had to work with, the Germans had one of the most incredibly powerful armies in history... Also, they developed a stunning amount of technology that betters your life today... whether you acknowledge that or not.

malia zoltar wrote
everything about this site is perfect although you should consider making long sleeve shirts also

biffula wrote
lol at all the Eurotrash who think the u.s. did little in the ww's. Speak German much do ya? Bwahahaha you jealous twits.

Dennis wrote
The only reason the Brits didn't get taken out is the US. Ever heard of the lend/lease program? It was a program under which the United States supplied Great Britain, the USSR, Republic of China, Free France, and other Allied nations with materiel between 1941 and August 1945. So get over it!

Rosy wrote
All powerful forever

TexaYouBetcha wrote
Shirts badass... Good quality, and super awesome

chadjeffsdad wrote
They would make a Russian one if someone in Russia had an extra $6 for a friggen shirt.....

Renee wrote
Americans who wear this shirt outside of the US will be laughed at. Tossers.

Willie wrote
came in late on both WW and then take the credit? So you gut should be like 2 wins, 2 losses and 3 no contests.

Good ole Merican Boy wrote
This shirt is awesome. Y'all who get offended my this are a buncha unpatriotic idiots. You should be proud of America.


Zabear wrote
haha, where is the USSR map ? USA doing a little in world war. Hates fat yanks

Tara Gruber wrote
I'm going to wear this on a trip to Germany.

Ian wrote

marko wrote
And then, .. Vietnam in your face

Anaughnimau5 wrote
How in the world can you promote this? This is insane!

Duncan wrote
"They should make one for the Soviet Union, they are the REAL champions." Well they dropped out of the first one before it was done, so. How about Britain or Canada. They were there from the start til the bitter end!

GDIs stealing this from TFM, NF

Politically Correct Gaia wrote
I am so offended by even the notion of such a word as C******* or w**. HOW RUDE! I need to go drink some fair-trade coffee to get over this horrible thing.

Jacob wrote
They should make one for the Soviet Union, they are the REAL champions

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