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Brick Wall Bustin' Thirst Quenchin' T-Shirt

Professionally printed silkscreen.
100% cotton tee (heathers poly-cotton).
Ships within 2 business days.
Designed and printed in the USA.

Qty. Size Chart

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What Others Are Saying

J wrote
white + dye = purple ppl

K. Hudson wrote
Be nice if it were available in more Kool-Aid mix packet colors

jane doe wrote
WHY IS GIRLS CLOTHING + 50 CENTS ......... not exactly what i was expecting from this site

manatee girl wrote
ohhh shut your faces all yall who are complainging about the non purple of the shirt ITS 6 BUCKS!!!!!!!!! All i had to do is clean my couch for this!

Sarah Vanderworker wrote
Received this in the mystery 10 pack in red, shirt isn't as gaudy in real life as this pic makes it look. So far every shirt i ordered has come in the correct size - mens xl :)

Andrew In NC wrote
Is this a cool shirt? OH YEAH!!!
Thank you for my future Halloween costume.

Big Poppa wrote
So if you wear like a 1X in regular clothes will the 1X on here fit pretty fairly??

Ben wrote
If I'm ever in jail, my one phone call is going to the Kool-aid man.

mzgaz wrote
PuRpLe PuRpLe PuRpLe Thank u


Corey wrote
Yall need some 6-7x in this piece, great shirts, too small sizes.

kid wrote
ip i love it ;]

dennis ferguson wrote
i fucking love the shit out of this site sorry for the profanities kids

val wrote
I need this shirt in orange, green, lime, lavander. This shirt looks great for our youth group.

luckyducky wrote
@marky mark

Jude wrote
Just got this shirt yesterday :) it came in less than a week!
It's great quality but make sure to order small if you're 13 because small is like medium

WontonBob wrote
I don't care if it's not purple! IT'S 6 DOLLARS! I'M TAKING IT!

Lila wrote

wissabee wrote
they have purple at walmart!

Jose Daniel Reyes (donny_gonewild@hotmail.com) wrote

Jonat wrote
The only thing about Kool Aid that matters is purple drank and you don't have purple for this shirt?! for shame. I'll buy this the moment you have it in purple

pinkyfunky wrote
sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss jjajajjajajjaj

Nikki wrote
Haha, I think this is cute. Makes me smile 8D.

directTVmakesmemad wrote
stay away from dishtv or directtv - terrible

Rhett wrote
Grape- Purple is a huge must for this shirt. Will buy when purple becomes available..

Nick wrote
I'd buy it if the smiling face was red instead of blue

gillian wrote
hi i like the tw gorala beers they cute ha . and the smile t shirt

MK wrote
I bought the shirt in Azelea. It's lady Pink. No thanks.

james owen (bloody_hacksaw@yahoo.com) wrote
most awesome shirt on the site also should have it in purple

jessica jellybean wrote
hehe i want it

GE GEEEE wrote
im wearing it right now. took long enough to get here but its nizzzze

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