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Disregard Females Acquire Currency T-Shirt
Much props to Joseph Ducreux, you archaic maniac.

Professionally printed silkscreen.
100% cotton tee (heathers poly-cotton).
Ships within 2 business days.
Designed and printed in the USA.

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What Others Are Saying

Jack wrote
Lots of butthurt. It's just a funny shirt. You butt hurt people need to see s psychologist. I can help I'm going to school to be one. Do some deep drearhing exercises. M Kay. 😝

imnotyourbaitimjustaguy wrote
how about you guys stop social justicing the damn tshirt. if you dont like it, MOVE ON, you morons. jeez.

Sexy m8 wrote
This shirt is real talk

Cartman wrote
Disregard women. Acquire currency. Then use the currency to acquire women.

It never fails. Even if you look like Ducreux.

Pewter is 65 years old, by the way. Respect your elders, you zits.

martin luther king OG wrote
decent at best

A Baldheaded Man wrote
\"Disregard females and acquire currency\"

So sad but it is true :(

MGTOW wrote

Abe wrote
I have self smarts.

Lightenup wrote
Glad some people on here know it's a biggie lyric. However, the lyric itself is open to interpretation. Some seem to think the "fuck bitches" part means disregard them and get money... Others conjecture that it means get pussy and get money.... the choice is yours, however all of you taking offense need to lighten up... WTF?!

JFLO wrote
I think it's great for all the guys to wear this shirt so women will know where they stand an those of us who are not like minded can steer clear of them. Us women with money that is who'd rather keep it and disregard men who want to take it. Please if you agree with the shirt but it, wear it and warn us!!

kirkstir wrote
wow that's a lot of stuff people have to say about a T shirt

Richard wrote
Reminds me of a Ferengi! :)

Biggie wrote
My role model eva since I been rollin in dese streets and rollin dough. I am still alive!!!!!!

Intrigued wrote
Lol Kristin!!!

Good Reference!

QWERTY wrote

Ole Yeller wrote
I knew it the second I saw it! Comedy.
I would like to get a quote on some Youth XS, please.

Michael wrote
Kristian wrote
"Fuck bitches, get money."
-Notorious B.I.G

Thank you I thought i was the only one posting who actually knew it was a Biggie reference. SMH at you all

SKS wrote
Protip for Tutorgirll--If you're going to vomit out your Wymyn's Studies syllabus verbatim in order to make yourself sound smart, please do it on a site that doesn't involve selling joke t-shirts.

That way you won't look and sound like such an uptight humorless puritanical dipshit.

You're welcome.

NI wrote
god fucking dammit the tumblr sewers overflowed again

Anne wrote
Another shirt to remind us of how society uses and disposes of females for profit. Thank you imperialistic capitalism. [/sarcasm]

Durka wrote
G's up, Hoes down........

D Rizzle wrote
Did that Tutorgirl thing really just happen? Epic fail......but awesome shirt.

Eileen wrote
I kept seeing ads for this T-shirt and signed on to see if the reference was explained. (I feel so old. Sigh!) Thank you for the explanation.

IsTutorGirlHigh wrote
Hey Tutorgirl,

This shirt is a play on lyrics from a Notorious B.I.G. rap song. "Fuck bitches, get money" is the equivalent of "Disregard females, acquire currency."

The people who buy this shirt aren't trying to demean females. The comedy is in the colonial translation of a rap lyric, not the condescending nature towards women.

That being said, get your head out of your ass, you sound like a fucking loony.

Tutorgirll wrote
I just think this is patriarchal. Kinda demeaning and androcentric. It's like having the same shirt and point out how the colonies exploited some areas of the world. How is this relevant? Well, they both are marginalized populations based on ID markers such as gender, class, race, age etc... The sad thing about this shirt and that is not funny is that it is still accurate. This is not remotely funny. This is plain out rude.

Rupert Wellington III wrote
It has recently come to my attention the recent sexist nature of above stated shirt, of which, mind you, I completely agree with

Tjsyl wrote

Blawster wrote
Admit it Ducreaux you perverse dissembler Pewter was gettin' those tips for nothin' from you!

@ssh0le wrote
@Pewter - learn how to speak English properly and maybe dudes wont treat you like a hooker... Feel free to make a shirt that says that.

Pewter wrote
Slightly amusing I suppose.
No experience in dating, but I remember this guy that fancied me for no reason starting tipping me twenty dollars whenever he saw me. He tipped me forty dollars once, in total I got eighty dollars from him. My parents own the store, and my parents weren't impressed. My mom thought it was a huge turn-off because based on his actions, he thinks I'm a person that is simply bought and to be guilt-tripping. My aunt it was pretty lame too and she's pretty affluent. He even lied to my mom that he tipped my dad a hundred bucks. Real douche...and I actually wanted to be friends with him and he has more experience when it comes to dating. Geez.

If I was truly smitten with you, you probably gave me a lot of advice or some sort of guidance...shared your thoughts I've never thought about, and reassurance about things that matter. I don't know pretty cheesy huh?

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