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What Others Are Saying

Mr. Bleu wrote
Best shirt on the site!

Herp wrote
I love how the channers are raging over this when the rage faces came from reddit anyway.

Thomas Jefferson wrote
The declaration of independence

Jessica32PUCKETT wrote
This is perfect that we are able to get the credit loans and it opens up new possibilities.

nyan wrote
yay! i'm buying my friend this for christmas xD

p-doggy dog wrote
unfortunately most things on /b/ are also on reddit.


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JustSomeRandomDude wrote
Does the girl comes with the shirt?

HEY GUYS wrote
/b/ doesn't have any fucking rules.
/b/ is not your secret club.

OldFag wrote
God dam NewFags acting like you know of /B/. You broke rules 1 and 2. /B/ doesn't approve.

@chikkunz wrote
didn't even bother trying, you can tell she's wearing a bra.

( Enkuler de rire )
Omg I love this one XD
Such a funny story about it,

Si j'étais pas là, vous seriez vous ???

Newfriends wrote
Just got this shirt totally gonna be dun goof it too work.

Greetings Newfriends!

anon wrote
/b/ is not concerned with shitty representations of these 'meme's.
/b/ is a mindless, disgusting shit hole where us /b/rothers laugh at the cruelest, most vulgar material the societies represented by you failures deem inappropriate.

You all disgust me.


Dingus wrote
This shirt is incorrect. It's supposed to be F7U12.

chikkunz wrote
hay somebody xray the girl modeling the shirt down bleow plox

someone with a question puzzlingly wrote
is that supposed to be a bomb or a tie?

The Joker wrote
Not Sure Is Serious?

Derp wrote
Rules 1 and 2 only apply to raids, fags.
Quit bitching and move on.

I wrote

le Fu wrote
OOMMGG!!!! I neez t-shirt!
no shit!
although it looks kinda fake... the fuu-head i mean ...
also: i thought it was a tie... not a bomb.

best shirt EVER!

The Troll Face wrote
Am I /b/reaking rules #1 and #2?

EFG wrote
I would look really good in red

Anonymous wrote
And not a single rule was respected that day...

god wrote
marijuana is good.

yay wrote

IThinkIGetIt wrote
Is It Not .. F You shaped like a bomb? , dropping on some angry ugly people?

Anon wrote
You should re think this businesses model , you may want to stop advertising our material. Others have ignored our requests to their detriment.

We do not forget friend , nor will we forget .

Oh noes wrote
6dollarshirts supports Race Guy, and racism?

FSJAL wrote
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

oldfag wrote
i love this shirt 4chan ftw

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