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Jesus Hearts Black Friday T-Shirt
Everyone loves a good deal, even this guy!

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Scott wrote
I didn't think this shirt was that offensive until I read the comments, then I needed to buy two of them.

Shescraftysmg wrote
Every retail employee should be required to wear these on Black Friday!

Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ wrote
Hate to be you guys when you stand before the Lord Jesus Christ when He judges you if you don't repent. #selah

"Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, --2 Peter 3:3

Razanak wrote
Jesus should at least shave his legs before he goes out shopping. Or at least wear tights to cover them. Those heals have to be murder on his ankles!!

LOL,ScienceWins wrote
Wow, Captain Superstitious just ranted me into buying this shirt.

Amber wrote
Jesus loves savings!

Big Papi wrote
i'm Christian, but i got a good laugh outta it.

I want it.

Ben wrote
@everyone who is complaining about this shirt

don't buy it

Topher wrote
I really really really want this shirt, but we live in a society where I'll get shit for wearing it :(

Cute Guy wrote
Hi Brandy, you're 20 and female, possibly a virgin, and not too bright. You're really hot. Want to meet for a drink?

john wrote
tis easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven.
mark 10:25

Santhosh Noronha wrote

icymore wrote
sizing chart is inaccurate. I bought a girls x-large, and it is almost small enough to fit my skinny 7 year old son. I would hate to see what a girls size small looks like. I imagine it would fit a toddler or infant.

Seriously, I wear a large or XL in other brands and I could barely get this shirt on. So disappointing, because where else am I going to find a shirt mocking black friday? le sigh.

Kursten wrote

The 99% wrote
Anyone who though A fountain of disappointment erupt's comment about "lord baby jesus" was actually serious is an idiot.

I have never seen so much sarcasm in my life.

JoyinX wrote
To A Fountain of Disappointment Erupts:
I think your pain is EXACTLY what this t-shirt is about. Isn't this t-shirt about the over-commercialism of Christmas? Isn't it about how we get too focused on presents, and buying, money/business/commercialism, when I SHOULD be about the birth of Jesus?
P.S. The "X" is Greek "Chi" which is used in church symbolism for "Christ."
My log in should be read "Joy in Christ."

lulz wrote
I wonder if anyone else caught the Talladega Nights reference in A Fountain of Disappointment Erupts's comment.

Stacy wrote
Greatest shirt I have seen in awhile. Love it

Jesus Christ wrote
@Brandy you're a moron, "A Fountain of Disappointment Erupts" was being satirical.

Man are god believers stupid.

srsly? wrote
you guys can't figure out that Fount. of Disappoint's comment was satire?

Genuis, I say.

Sam wrote
People SERIOUSLY need to lighten up. If you're such a great Christian, then witness to people instead of bitching about funny shirts. Speaking of funny shirts, I'm adding this to my cart!

yadda yadda wrote
omg this is amazing... it's Jesus in drag!

Zombies! oh noes wrote
@A Fountain of Disappointment Erupts can't tell if your being sarcastic, if so hooray, if not your just a dick

Fountain of Bullshhh wrote
no body cares..u waste ur time writing ur review fountain boy..la la la

Jew-ish wrote
Jesus, please bring back the dinosaurs! Also I wanna live to be 600 years old like that Noah guy who built the big boat. Personally, I think he should have killed those two mosquitos.

satanbuttlover wrote
I love lamp, and christians are stupid (christians left un-capitalized on purpose to drive home a point retards)

Nahoje wrote
@A Fountain of Disappointment Erupts

SUCK IT UP YOU FUCKHEAD. Next time, Jesus better know the safeword when the paparazzi comes around.

A Fountain of Admiration wrote
@ A Fountain of Disappointment; your comment was funnier than the t-shirt. You should totally submit your comment as a T-shirt idea.

As for the shirt, i love it.

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