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Nevermore Raven T-Shirt
Order this tee and don't be weary,
when there's a rapping at your door.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Courtney wrote
You guys are caught up on the lame color options for women and I'm still trying to figure out why ours cost more?! Lol

Sara wrote
It's lame that I can't order the girl's tee in grey :(

esscee wrote
this is the MOST COMFORTABLE t-shirt ever. loveitsoverymuch.

Arron Emmert wrote
I will be getting this, because I am a ravens fan. edgar allen poe was from Baltimore, that\'s why the ravens mascot is a raven named poe, and we always pay tribute to him

samantha lewis wrote
why not offer all shirts in all the colors you carry? I would buy a lot more shirts if I had more color options

Miriam wrote
seriously? Why do you not have grey for women? Or any neutral other than white?

Katie wrote
I got this in pink (which I would normally never wear), and it's become one of my favorite shirts ever.
No one ever gets it, though. -_- I'm surrounded by idiots.

Ravens Fan wrote
Definitely needs to be offered in purple.

SC wrote
My immediate thought was of the band Nevermore. Oh well.

Go Ravens! wrote
Purple or even the navy heather would be awesome

Jacqueline wrote
Please make a woman's grey. Please. Not all females like pink, yellow or red, in fact, I loathe them.

Cheyenne wrote
How do these shirts run? I just found this site and love it! I only like the guys grey in this one though, so how would a guys small fit? I usually wear medium in women.

Sav wrote
The ladies version looks nice in red, but I don't look nice in red shirts... or pink or yellow. If the ladies tee came in heather grey, I'd buy it. Unfortunately I'd need a guy's X-Small if I were to buy guys.

Gray in Girls? YES PLEASE wrote
I agree with all the other comments about wanting this shirt in gray for girls. Would buy it in a heartbeat. (A Telltale Heart-beat, even.) Looks awesome!

ourworld?? wrote
Just to be sure is it from our world online gaming?

Mnemosyne Finch wrote
Grey for girls...?

Manu wrote

i wrote
i would buy this shirt, but I haven't really associated myself with the type of people that would understand this.

Rosalia Torres wrote
' And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door '

enigma23 wrote
Baltimore Ravens Purple???

kane wrote
cool shirts

dr.dre wrote
Please say "nevermore" to the pastel color choices for the "girl" shirts. Gray, black, navy evermore.

Estoy Listo wrote
I'm feeling so oddly weak, so oddly weary!!

Kevin wrote
I just ordered this shirt an i am SOOO excited for it to come!!!!! I can NOT wait!!!!!! :D I absolutely love this shirt! I got it in the red because it by far looked the best!! Thank you guys SO much!!!

Andrew In NC wrote
Awesome shirt.
Will I ever bee shirtless again? NEVERMORE!

just another moron wrote
must buy. Poe's a distant relative. also +3 to my literature nerd street cred.

@Nemowho: Livermore, huh? Hello neighbour. I'm over in Dublin. Although this shirt has absolutely nothing to do with Livermore...

Jane wrote
This would make an awesome hoodie and would be a total instabuy.

I LOVE POE wrote
I Just ordered this shirt and I have to say its FLIPPING AWESOME! Mine is dark red, the only appropriate color for this particular shirt in a girls size. ;) This is my second order, I STILL use the other shirts I ordered. I LOVE YOU GUYS! KEEP IT UP!!!

le sigh wrote
got one for myself (pink) and the grey for my bf. I wish I could have had a ladies grey after seeing the quality difference. The men's is nice and thick enough, whereas the pink (I got because I figured it might be better than yellow for me) is too see through to wear without a camisole. It's designated as a pajamas top sadly because it's both pink and see through. Make a ladies version of this in a thicker, darker colour and I would re purchase in a heartbeat because I love this design.
If you're buying the men's shirt in this, go for it. If you're looking at the ladies version, get a camisole. Seriously, I can see my nipple colour through this.

NFL fan wrote
My brother and sister-in-laware Baltimore Ravens fans. Purple would be awesome - the team colors. If you had purple I'd buy 2 or 3.

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