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Pants T-Shirt
Wear this to the pants party.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Available in multiple colors
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Teel wrote
David Letterman sold this shirt back in the 90's. yeah i have one.

Andi wrote
I call my daughter pants. I wish this came in kids' sizes so I could get it for her.

Erotichomosex wrote
This shirt is too good.

Chris wrote
Ha I have pictures of me and my buddy making and wearing these shirts, and he passed away in 2000, so it was way before any of you had the idea. His friends, family and myself all have a PANTS. Tattoo in his honour. Same font, same style. Probably not a stolen idea, but the coincidence is blowing my mind. I own these shirts already and people love them!

Sam wrote
6DollarShirts has been selling this design since 2004, you smudge.

Marco Romantini wrote
Wow, this is some pretty shameless theft. Here Come The Mummies sell the same shirt on tour. Not cool, 6dollar.

Gabelovescheese wrote

Sara wrote
Me and my friends are getting this shirt. There's 12 of us. Yes.

Mr.Pants wrote
I'm ordering ten of them write now.

ilovethemidnightbeast wrote
the girls' t-shirts need more variety in colour.

Fingz wrote
I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.

The... party. With the... with the pants. Party with pants?

Trolo wrote
Why is the model in a male bathroom?!

twizzle wrote
It the one that "wears the pants" in the relationshit duh

Breyanuh wrote
Me and my friends always say "awe pants" instead awe darn or awe shucks bahah gotta love it :D

anonymous wrote
There is nothing to get. Funny!

Optimus wrote
This reminds me of Demetri Martin's skit.

twertles wrote
i like twertles..

Turner wrote
I need this shirt...I always wear the pants

heysettledown wrote
isn't it because "pants" is a mild curse in the UK?

OIC wrote
Oh, I get it, if you are part of a gay couple, one of you has to "wear the pants"

rusty shackleford wrote
i'm getting this because of the real l word. you all should watch it sometime if your a gay woman and you are a "top" get this shirt.

that girls a bitch (; wrote
Hey! Wait a minute..those aren't pants! Liars!!

Nate wrote
this shirt is awesome... too awesome, like if you wear this the only thing people are gonna say is "pants" and then some retarded joke, it gets old

thatsongbird wrote
*looks at shirt*
"hey nice pants"
"..., Dumbass"
" wait... shit"


Kogenta wrote
It says "Pants." because in Bowling For Soup's music video for Almost the drummer wears a shirt that looks exactly like this

best shirt ever wrote
lmfaoooo @ "this shirt is a lie!"

Cori Petersen wrote
i fricken love this shirt!!!
whats there not to get!?!?!

definy:D wrote
awesome dont lie all that see this must love it...i meeen just look at it!

Xoe Xoe wrote
OH MY GOD, that is SO pants.

cocofoc wrote

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