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Sunglasses - Misbehaviators
Iceman doesn't like you because your retro aviators are dangerous.

Unisex style available in assorted colors, with reflective lenses.


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What Others Are Saying

shitan alberto wrote
rayban changeble

Bryan wrote
Awesome designs, great prices, superior quality, and they fit perfectly! I will keep ordering and recommending this company to everyone! Keep up the great work and any are there any youth/toddler ones available?

ummm yea wrote
jack = a bad parody of some kevin smith dialogue.

uh-huh wrote
jack, you're a douche. and there're ppl like u who quite literally ruin lives and shit. just sayin. hope you understand if u get beat up someday.

Jacob Moreno wrote
I ordered these like 3 weeks ago, and never got them.

Labels wrote
we need some more stories from jack LOL

Jackolololo wrote
Jack is my twin. I totally saw that event go down, then like a good identical twin I helped him out with his man wood in the bathroom. It's not gay if you both come from the same egg!

Like always haters gunna hate!

Jack Lover wrote
Jack. We love your style here in Berk. Party on!

Hodge wrote
Damn dude....Is that how you really talk? Hahahahahahahaha halariousies

cain wrote
these thing's make me feel like a bad ass when trolling facebook/ventrilo/your mom, Thanks 6dollarshirts!

kooler than u wrote
jack, you are a fucking loser and kno 1 really cares about wut u hav 2 say n e way

Steph wrote
Hahaha This was my LOL for the day

Kieran wrote

ladnerino wrote
I dont want some gay ass inhibited catholic priest casualty trying to wear these real man glasses. Jordan, you beat off, dont pretend you don't because we all know that you don't get laid. Do not ever get these glasses or attend any party that I am at because I will expose you for the uptight douche that you are. These glasses are a parody and you are an ignorant virgin. You are not allowed to hang with us, go shop at american eagle you assclown.

Deborah Castillo wrote
i ordered the mirror sunglasses and they sent me black ones.....wtf

jordan wrote
i wanted to get these, but then i read jack's comment, and i'd rather not be associated with a douchebag of his caliber...

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