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The Caped Emancipator T-Shirt
Holy civil rights, Batman! Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh....

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

huh wrote
Wow i surprised no one in the comments got that this is a references to the movie the dark night. In commissioner Gordens police prescient one of the suspects to being batman is president Lincoln. Along with big foot.

Oh my science wrote
I actually loved this shirt so much I got this as a chest piece tattoo. .......And here comes the haters.

Doodoostayne wrote
I don't get it

Just catching on wrote
I'm pretty sure this tshirt was put out before the movie theater shootings, and after years of wanting to buy it i finally figure out the ironic meaning behind it. Not just a sweet pres & the best super hero combined but "The Dark Knight" As in he helped free the slaves. haha i love this shirt

balls wrote
abe- huge balls, batman-huge balls, abrahamBatman-super huge balls!

calm down wrote
its just a man with a hat

No Nintendo wrote
Please explain the meaning of this shirt. I saw a guy at work wearing it. Although I work at Apple, I fall short on nerd humor. i would ask my wife, my brother or my housemate. But my wife is out of town, my brother is ignoring me and my housemate may be drunk.

nick wrote
the dark knight

Kittensbytheway wrote
+1 for irony.

mah angr is BOILIN 2 yo! wrote
word to tha SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!! How can dey DIS on 'MURRRIKA Like dat. those six dolla SHIIITTTTS!! we should put them on an island wif da GAYS!!!!!! and da TERRRRRRORRISTSSS!!!! usa 1!

also we should but a boot up there ass

Bill tetly wrote
Anthony is a cunt

Anthony wrote
Terrible idea for a t-shirt. This is obviously mocking the Aurora movie theater shootings. Lincoln was shot in a theater, the Aurora shootings happened during a Batman movie screening. Sickening.

Laughing at Mr. Boiling Anger wrote
just bought this shirt. i love it. made me lol. sad to see your lack of a sense of humor. have fun with all the fines you'll get from burning your shirts on Main Street.

Louise wrote
Just received it. Bought it in lucky green. Looks awesome! BatAbe rules!

mah angr is BOILIN wrote
scuse me six dolla SHITS!!!!!!!!!!! this shert is RUDE N DEGRADES AMURRRRIKA! god bless da usa and da enclave

I once ate my own feces wrote
Something tells me that somebody will let Mr. Abe Batman here shove those two points on his head up their derriere o_O

a Native American female Batman fan wrote
this shirt's funny. also, history girl is kind of right... the smallpox epidemic happened in the 1830s when Andrew Jackson was president. And it wasn't the president who gave the order, it was suggested by Colonel Henry Bouquet and approved by General Jeffery Amherst.

Seriously? wrote
Don't feed the trolls, guys.

My anger is raging like an explosive diarrhea plague wrote
I picked up 2 bitches wearing this shirt because they both, in fact, thought I was both Abe Lincoln AND Batman (that's why I was wearing the shirt, as some sort of joking cover for my real identity). They were both blond and I had sex with them at the same time. I love this fucking shirt!

Sam wrote
@My anger is boiling...
"ruddy"? that sounds like something a british dude would say

Shiva wrote
Great! Love it! Abe, a hero. Batman, a hero.

antoine whitehead wrote
Lincoln wasn't shit and he still ain't shit that's why he gets the penny. Fuck Elvis to

My anger is boiling down gold bars for currency to purchase this shirt wrote
If I had any doubts about buying this shirt, seeing "My anger is boiling... " has convinced me this is a worthy purchase...perhaps I'll get two

Michael Bradshaw wrote
Who is the lovely lady modeling the emancipator shirt?
A 6DollarShirt Employee?

Bronson wrote
What the fuck is wrong with you people? I'm reading all these posts about this guy near the bottom, and when I get there, it's just an obvious troll. I was looking forward to something good from the way y'all reacted to it. BTW, shirt is cool, sorta. (gotta put the review bit in there.)

history girl wrote
that blanket and small pox thing happend in before lincoln when America was still British colonies

my anger is as cool as a cucumber in a bowl full of ice cream ... wrote
I concur ...

carry on gentlemen ...

Shut it wrote
@My anger is boiling:
out of alllllllllllllllllll the things to get mad about? your mad about a batman/Abe Lincoln t-shirt? I laugh at you. *Bought it* To make people like you angry, Mission Accomplished.

hi wrote
i think angry dude was being real i mean he wrote about twitter. No but really who cares its a shirt and i agree with 1.2

Ohsnap 1.2 wrote
1.2 just PWNED all your asses!

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