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The Ministry Of Silly Walks T-Shirt
Very important business the Ministry has. Where do you think the crab walk came from?

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Professor PoopyPants wrote
This design is just perfect as it is. It does not need any changes and those who think so might have serious mental problems and need to go to the Complaint Department and take a nice big dose of Go Fuck Yourself, and after that, go to Abuse and get your Dead Parrot Sketch, you fuckin wankers!

tamale wrote
It is not merely referencing James Bond and the Ministry of Silly Walks. It is ALSO a play off the band "Ministry" which ALSO has an album cover that looks like the above graphic, (no John Cleese).
Execution could be better, but we've got a triple whammy here.

Jennifer wrote
Adding my voice to the rest. Lose the text and I will buy one.

Monty of the Python wrote
Th Ministry of Silly Walk! Why does everyone hate the text and the box so much? I think it looks fan-figgin-tastic!

User1 wrote

kevomatic wrote
Yeah, lose the text. It would look so much cooler without it.

Eric wrote
Seriously, what do we have to do to get you to re-release this shirt WITHOUT THE TEXT?

What? wrote
Keep the text and the square. I like it the way it is.

nnuma wrote

David G wrote
I would love to buy this shirt...BUT...not with the text & square. The joke doesn't need explaining...the text doesn't actually explain the joke to anyone who doesn't know what it refers to...it just detracts from a great design. Lose the text & square and you will sell tons of these, if previous reviews are anything to go by.

omfg! wrote
^^what they said!

sound wrote
why not use comicsans

Bob wrote
lose the text

lose the square around it

then I will buy one for me and then another 6 for presents

Jay Kay wrote
Text. Lose. Now.

dontcoast wrote
like the n(x) people have already said


then I will also buy.

SammyB wrote
Text. Gone. Now!...please.

Albert Potato wrote
Let me add my voice to the screaming millions above... and say that you should definitely remove the text. Then I'll buy one.

Ronninator wrote
I was going to buy it, but the text kind of ruins it for me. Jokes are better when you don't explain them or break the theme. The opening of Bond films never has MI-6 at the bottom of the screen, you know?

Jadam Murray wrote
Remove the text and I will buy 2

DonJaime wrote
I was going to buy this, but then it turned out to have superfluous text on it. Meh.

gary wrote
Like others, was going to buy until I saw the frame and text. What\'s wrong with just the circular image?

Carl wrote
You need to get rid of the frame and the text

knotty wrote
was going to buy but "The Ministry" ruined it. If you don't know it's from Python, you shouldn't buy it. The text ruins the shirt. And please, it is NOT the Ministry of silly walkers! It's the Ministry of Silly Walks!
Also, in the British humor vein, where's the Cake Or Death shirts??

alex wrote
hello monte python is a old british tv show. not as popular in the us but still big. obviously the popular vote would be it without the text so get rid of it.

Serial wrote
I just want John Cleese without the gun barrel or text.

pjm wrote
remove the text! quickly! you'll sell out the t-shirt with the more direct design!!! thankyouverymuch

Goshzilla wrote
Well? Remove the stupid text already!

Agreed wrote
Agreed, I would buy this without the frame and "The Ministry".

bill wrote
it's Ministry of Silly Walks not walkers.

Renz wrote
Would you be able to sell this with just the picture and no box/ministry design? I was about to buy until I saw the rest of the design.

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