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You Have Died of Dysentery T-Shirt
Bummer. At least you've got plenty of buffalo.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

Qty. Size Chart

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What Others Are Saying

Tamar wrote
I either always died of dysentery or lost my oxen playing this game in middle school. Had to get this shirt. Lol

Nostalgia wrote
Played those in elementary school, our teacher made us have partners and we'd laugh at the other classmates who always died. Tombstone names!!!!

Ciderman wrote
It's a Person of Interest tshirt, Root was playing it in the episode where we discover who she really is

Expert Level wrote
I just tested positive for dysentery in real life! I have to get this shirt! Classic.
*had it a week before going to the doctor

Unknown things kidnapper wrote
Okay, I took him out. He was just mad cuz he sucked at it. He got dysentery a lot.

nobody :) wrote
not only the shirt but the comments from all you people are making my day right now lol good stuff :)

the one who shamed the unknown thing wrote
good game, also the girl has the worst fake tan in all of history, you can see where the tan stops at here wrist.....

Lacey Brustoski wrote
Got the shirt. Love the shirt. Nostalgia inducing.

jayne wrote
why does the girl have to be lifting up her shirt

PERSON123 wrote

wiandiii wrote
I got this shirt in a mystery 10-pack in black, it was my favorite of the bunch, thanks 6DollarTee. :-)

Boox wrote
Hilarious! I loved that game as a kid.

the one that killed unknown thing wrote
please forgive unknown thing, he also thinks paris hilton is an oscar winning actress and one of the best techno djs ever.

sudden zero wrote
Ahhhh the memories on the Organ trail! I think four out of five times I died of Dysentery. Gotta learn the oldest rule in the book don\'t poop where you eat, lol.

Jenna wrote
I was really young when this was a popular computer game and recently my friends older brother showed my it as a computer game. I realized that the Ipod version kinda sucks.Great shirt though.

jaime wrote
i can't believe the school board counted this as computer lab curriculum...all i learned is I would've gotten dysentery, broke axles like crazy and starved before the snakes ate me.

Logan wrote
I made it Oregon... It sucks

Bacon wrote
My would oxen always drown while forging the river, that, or I died from a rattle snake bit.

oregon trail lives on wrote
i always died of dysentery!

a f wrote
If I remember correctly, it was a tombstone that illustrated the death of dysentery when I played this game (in elementary school - which is a little messed up when you consider everyone died before we made it to oregon) but my previously considered lame-ass co-workers actually recognized the phrase. It has become a workplace favorite, and oddly appropriate as I may have succumbed to the aforementioned malady before I am through with the next project hey have assigned me anyway.

Abby wrote
If you didn't want to die, you had to choose being a doctor. You got a lower score multiplier, but more money to start out with so you could buy all the bullets you wanted.

kc in ca wrote
Oregon Trail is a classic. Nice shirt! Leaving a slew of humorous gravestones became our focus in the game, oddly enough. lol

neverfightfair wrote
Lmao! I didn't remember this game until I started reading comments! Now I remember I just walked around town and kept dying... Imma get this one for skool!~

Stefwithaf wrote
No I was good to my wagon train. I never died. Ha Ha. I did get shot in Oregon Trail 2 though.

alexis Medder (alexis.medder@hotmail.com) wrote
Oregon Trail? Trying reading the comments Devin 8-|

Devin wrote
I forget... what was the name of this game?

Brittany Murphy (b.krzanich@gmail.com) wrote
Just got this shirt today, among others... way fast shipping.. good quality shirt.. LOVE IT! I LOVE THIS SITE!!!

Zorgtron wrote
I loved this game! It took a few years worth of tries to win. Then I tried to play Amazon trail... I stunk at that. We never got to play this in school. =(

Lauren S wrote
What would you like on your tombstone? "Pepperoni!"

Classic Gamer wrote
Awesome shirt! I just purchased this shirt today! I remember playing this as a kid man...always came to a dead end on the trail and losing a lot of days!

RIP to the people who "got sick and died"


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