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Zombie Uprising T-Shirt
And don't forget cardio! Designed by gnomishcreations.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

mysticat wrote
i am buying this for my boyfriend,its just pure awsomeness!

Looking forward to my new shirts!!!

Mendi Mayhem wrote
Please kill the brain as well if you do sever the head. The last thing we need is hundreds of snap happy zombie heads hiding in the brush to bite our ankles as we walk by.

MrSinister wrote
I just bought this shirt and I'm disappointed to see the amount of bickering over how accurate the words on the shirt are.
The bickering IMO is ther result of the popularity of the Walking Dead TV show. As a Zombie fan for years (and a WD fan since the COMIC'S inception) I want to let all the WD bandwagon jumpers know there is a multitude of OTHER ZOMBIE stories. Those other great many zombie stories helped define the generalized "rules" of Zombie etiquette. The majority of those stories do allow for the destroying of the brains OR severing the brain from the spinal column to "kill" the zombie. So just because the walking dead demands that you destroy the brain and that and that alone is the sole way to kill a zombie, the walking dead's severed snapping jawwed head is not the be all and end all of zombie lore. There are lots of other Zombie stories whose rules would be completely applicable to the wording on this shirt.

Rahan wrote
100% cotton tee ?!! No it's 70% cotton and 30% polyester...Stop your lies !

french girl wrote
bought it for my brother, this shirt is pure awesomness and the quality is pretty good

ADM wrote
Want it as a black shirt with either red or white ink. Really. Would have ordered it.

annihlist wrote
Love gnomish's work around here. One issue, though: zombies don't really rise up, do they? They have no ideology. They aren't rebelling against anything except maybe NOT eating brains.
This design has been up a long time, and it's cool, but I'd recommend altering it to say SEVER THE HEAD on the top and DESTROY THE BRAIN on the bottom.

flip wrote
jeez - it's zombie shirt - WHY NO BLACK!!!!?

shana the siamesekitty wrote
I bought this shirt in white and it was smaller then the other shirts I had bought that were in black. White shirts seems to be smaller then black shirts. I loved the saying on the shirt but wish I could of had it fit better. Now It sits in my closest. The other shirts I bought that were black fit great and I where them all the time. I thought it was worth the money. The quality is nice and the price is even better. I don't like that it is an extra .50 for girls shirts but it is still cheap.Hope this helps in anyones decision making.

Killer Santa wrote
Shirt is awesome,when you sevre a zombies head from it's body you are destroying a key part of the brain, the stem. So effective and informative.

Chicago Ted wrote
dear donteatmybrains(dot)com, aces and shovels don't need to be reloaded, you'll never survive the zombie uprising

No zombie is safe from Chicago Ted!

Me wrote
@Typhoeus Shut up!! Fool!! The design has to stay the same color always!! Every graphic designer knows that!! They make one design one color and reproduce it onto other shirts- YES- the SHIRT can be a different color. But the DESIGN has already been set. I hope you understand now. Let me know if you are confused (still)

sofonda kox wrote
I love brains....BRAINS

Brandon wrote
Even in the new series "The walking dead" You cant sever the head because in the beggining of the series so S1 E1 there is a head that is still trying to bite people when its jsut sitting there on the ground. So destroying the brain is still the way to go. You can decap for tempory purposes until there is time to properly destroy brain and to burn the corps to remove them from the enviroment.

Jordan (sexfeather@gmail.com) wrote
this needs to say 'destroy the brain' misinofrmation.

Typhoeus wrote
@Me Don't you think if the shirt was black, the design could be a different color?

Source: Actual common sense.

Jonathan, I also would buy these if they were black.

Me wrote
@Jonathan Hallett dont you think if the shirt was black the design cant be seen?

common sense

Ash wrote

akonn wrote
agreed with los angeles

los angeles wrote
rule #1 cardio

Jonathan Hallett (jhallett@mcmillencenter.org) wrote
Fire Poker is missing

Shane Rosa wrote
Hey, I would buy practically all of these shirts if the shirts could come in Black. Not Charcoal, Black.

loleta mechell arant (xshelly30x@yahoo.com) wrote
Got one of these for my baby girl (14), she loves it. Her favorate quote is "and then....a zombie popped out!"
The girl's tees are cut for a nice shapely fit.

Tara wrote
Hi guys, your comments are awesome and all but none of them are helpful, at all. Wanting to buy 10 shirts here, wondering if I'm going to regret my purchase.

blackrein wrote
Rememeber the rules people!

rawr.imscary wrote
Maybe got it right. If you can\\'t fight a zombie head, you\\'ll be one of them within the first week. (but seriously, who fights zombies without a crowbar handy?)

Joe Somebody wrote
Haha if the head is still alive, then it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ankle biter!

Maybe It's just me wrote
If you're killed by the head of a zombie, you're a tool.

involved6 wrote
Exactly right, severing the brain from the rest of the body - head included.

If you decapitate a zombie but do not destroy the brain, the head is still active (although, obviously, 99.9% immobile) and could still bite passersby.

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