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Hi Alan

Hi Eric

Hi Randy

Midnight rider


Reality is a construct

If you want to go fast, go alone.{{--}}If you want to go far, go together.


I post my genitals on reddit


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Nope Not Today

I Hope Your{{--}}Wi Fi Dies

Will feign outrage for power and attention

You learn a lot about people when they don't get what they want.

Back on my bullshit

It's getting there

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

I Let The Dogs Out

Back From The Dead

Stay Present

I May Not Be{{--}}Mr. Perfect But{{--}}I'll Fuck You Till He Gets Here

Me Love You Long Time


If You Don't Want A Sarcastic Answer Dont Ask A Stupid Question

Un Poco Loco

Trust Me I'm A Doctor

Major Boobage

In God We Trust

Be Present

I Need Validation

Homey Don't Play That

Class Of 2019

Class Of '19

Gator Dad

Gator Mom

Surely Not Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting


Best day ever

I do my{{--}}own stunts

Let It go

My cleanest shirt

Shirt of{{--}}the week

Clean shirt

I hope you step on a lego

I never finish anythi

I put the{{--}}'pro' in procrastinate

Currently unsupervised

Common sense is{{--}}so rare these days{{--}}that it should be considered a superpower

Home is{{--}}where you{{--}}trust the{{--}}toilet seat

Today I'm wearing{{--}}a lovely shade of I slept like crap so don't piss me off

Another fine day ruined by responsibility

Getting real sick and tired of pants and responsibilities

You know you're old when you go to bed at the time you used to go out

I can't believe how old people my age are

I hate it when I see some old person{{--}}and then realiaze we went to high school together

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